Keeping Your Dog Hydrated During a Pandemic

Keeping Your Dog Hydrated During a Pandemic

I really never thought – in a million years – I'd be writing about anything that had anything to do with a . But, here we are. Crazy, isn't it?

My exercise routine has changed a lot since March, 2020. Even though I still pay fees to my gym (gotta keep those grandfathered low fees low :)), I'm not ready yet to risk exposure by going in.

Instead, I've been  riding my bike 3 or 4 days per week (we have lots of wide open – and safe – spaces nearby for that); and evening walks for two of the dogs (the and the Corgi). Our third is somewhere between 16 and 18 years of age (he's a rescue we picked up in 2005), and he can't quite keep up with the younger dogs. So he mostly stays at home.

Have you noticed how many dogs are being walked nowadays? Everywhere we go we encounter probably 2 or 3 times as many pooches walking their owners as we encountered a year ago. The has been a pain for people, but I think a lot of dogs think they are in heaven now :).

We have actually taken some pretty long walks of 2 or 3 miles down by the river. There's some pretty nice trails down there, but sometimes it's not easy to get down to the water so the dogs can get a quick drink or swim. And, since we've had some tick problems lately, I really want to avoid having the dogs squeeze through a bunch of bushes to get to the water.

Plus – requires avoiding too close contact between people and dogs at a “watering hole” we may find.

So, I've been looking at portable water carrier solutions for our walks. Now that the weather is (much) warmer, and the dogs are starting to pant regularly – I think it's definitely a necessity.

Here's a really nice one I found. It's called the Lesotc Pet for Dogs, and you can read more about it here.

It's actually pretty cool. Flip the cap/bowl open, squeeze the bottle to fill the cap/bowl, and your pooch drinks out of it just like a regular water bowl.  There's a lanyard so you can easily carry it, and you can attach a to snap it on to a or belt pack. It's lightweight, doesn't leak, but can hold an impressive amount of water.

Here's what some other parents have said about it:

This is the BEST I have found on the market. It has a locking mechanism so that there's no leaks or spills. – M. C.

This product is great. Tried it out to see how it would work when we got it. Our golden loves it! – A. P.

Ordered this for my 3 dogs. I like the design with the flip over top and no spills. My dogs used it with ease. Would buy again – T. O.

I would highly recommend it to other dog Mommas and Dads looking for a portable water bottle or an alternative to a water bowl on the go! – P.G.

I think it is one of the best ideas I have seen in a long time. If you're looking for a quick and dirty solution for keeping your dog hydrated in these uncertain times, I highly recommend it. Here's that link again in case you'd like to learn more: Portable Dog Water Bottle

Until next time!

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