Royal Pet Portraits

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Henry VIII

If you’ve ever wanted a custom hand painted royal pet portrait of your then I’ve found the art studio for you. Artists based in the UK (but they deliver world-wide) specializes in painting custom royal pet portraits of your . You could have your pooch painted as Elizabeth I, Henry VIII, a Lord or Lady, or any character that you feel would represent their personality.

These royal dog paintings are unique and bring a sense of fun into your home. The process is simple too. Email a photo of your pet to them and either take a look at the dog in uniform page to see examples – or tell them how you would like to have your pet painted. Some for example have been painted as Churchill or Napoleon.

The process of commissioning a regal pet takes around 4 – 6 weeks from commissioning your pet’s painting to receiving it. As whilst these royal dog portraits are fun, this art studio is serious. Dog Artists comprises of 8 professional artists who solely concentrate on painting animals. You could commission a renaissance pet of your dogs or cat or simply a classic dog portrait. Other examples include a dog painted as a soldier or a banker or even a noblemen. All are lovingly hand painted with oils onto canvas.

Dog Artists also offer a full framing service so you can of course have your dog delivered to you completely framed. All royal pet portraits are custom made meaning you can choose how large or small you would like your pet’s portrait to be. You can also take advantage of their mock up service if you’re not sure how your will look.

For further examples please visit their royal pet portraits page –

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