Tips For Choosing The Ideal Dog Breeder


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Dog breeders can be found just about anywhere. But, finding the best-looking pup at the pet shop doesn’t actually ensure that bought a dog with a good breed.

Do you know the different kinds of breeders? The ones that deliver an ideal dog breed?

1) Try to find trustworthy breeders.

Popular breeders know precise details about their specialized breed. They will analyze genetic diseases that are proven to have emotional and physical affect on that breed, perform proper veterinary maintenance, and maintain accurate breeding records.

A dog breeder of good standing can provide both the positive and negative factors concerning the breed that suits you. They provide helpful advice and assistance to new puppy owners.

You can actually spot a trustworthy breeder if they show you good quality in the dogs they personally own. They can show you the kind of care they provide their dogs, and invite you to view where the dogs live.

Most good breeders aren’t out to make money, and will supply a written wellness guarantee with all the dogs they offer.

Almost all legitimate dog breeders belong to regional or countrywide breed organizations and clubs.

2) Steer clear of backyard breeders, puppy mills and pet stores.

Backyard Breeders.

These individuals have minimal schooling concerning breed standards. Frequently, backyard breeders don’t maintain a standard check-up on the dog's diseases and genetic makeup. Typically, these people breed to generate income and allow the puppies to leave without screening the future home of the puppy.

Puppy Mills.

This is a term frequently used to describe an enterprise that produces large quantities of puppies. A majority of the dogs born and in puppy mills don’t usually have standard veterinary care and the proper feeding they need. Puppy mills generally do not sell directly to the public. They ususally sell to pet stores, brokers and dog auctions.

There’s very little generic breed assessment done in puppy mills. The puppies born there aren’t sufficiently socialized and trained. The majority of their puppies are sold in large numbers at the age of 3 to 4 weeks, which can ultimately give the dogs having emotional and health issues.

Pet shops.

Quite a few pet stores offer guarantees. However, these warranties last for only a while the majority of hereditary disorders found in dogs manifest when the animal is over a year old. Many pet shops acquire their dogs from puppy mills (see above) at a very young age for a cheap price. Young dogs that are not properly socialized can result in behavior issues and bad health.

Locating the best dog breeder means your pet could enjoy a longer lifespan. Choose a reputable breeder now and spare yourself from potential heartache.

3) Rely on the best.

Puppy Express – is a family owned full door-to-door service with more than 35 years of experience in Licensed Transportation. We are USDA accredited and inspected and help puppies everywhere.

Puppy Express has been certified as an Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service by the US Department of Agriculture. Certification is a quality assessment intended to ensure that pet risk management measures and applicable standards are met.

Your new best friend can stretch out in a climate controlled and spacious SUV. Our puppy transportation remains involved in many activities to help puppies.

We are a current member of PAWS and assured that all puppies are sourced from USDA and State Inspected Breeders. We work to help local or national per non-profits.

– Full door to door service
– Local & long distance
– No added fees or hidden charges
– No sedation required
– Ground travel in newer model vehicles
– Wellness check every (3) hours
– Bottled drinking water always available
– Puppies are never left unattended during transport
– No breed discrimination
– All puppy breeds welcome!
– All puppies are from USDA State Approved Breeders ONLY (No Puppy Mills)

Please visit our website at Puppy Express.

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