What is Your Favorite Matching Dog Trend This Summer?

Suave Dog has just pushed dog matching trends over the sun, even Helios would throw shade for a slick pair of matching dog this summer.

incredible productThere are three types of dog lovers out there: Obsessive pet parents who have no problem wearing matching outfits with their dog, cool pet parents who need to be seen with what is vogue, and others who thought they wouldn’t be caught dead matching with their . But that all changes with dog sunglasses on the scene.

It’s no contest really! Something that no bracelet or collar will ever achieve. The pet industry will never be the same after this summer. Why… Dog Sunglasses. There have been some attempts in the past to push the inevitable trend. “Warby Barker” even has a parody website dedicated to it.

This sounds like a dream come true for any pet owner, sunglasses that actually stay on your pet’s face. Imagine cruising down main street with your head out the window sporting some Suave Dog sunglasses and their tongue hanging out. It just seems so natural to puts sunglasses on your pet. I have personally enjoyed being the center of attention at the park. The most anticipated question is, where can I get a pair, and what sunglasses do they carry to match my dog’s personality?

We all know people love to mimic their style on their pet. They have a selection that would make any pet parent proud. Let’s dive into pet personalities and my absolute favorite sunglasses for each dog breed.

InstagramMy absolute favorite has to be the Hendrix in black on black overall, something a Bulldog must sport. The Maven is the most versatile pair of sunglasses for and their “hooman” counterpart. It looks great for every outdoor occasion. Labs and Golden Retrievers look absolutely intelligent in a clear pair of Hendrix. The German Shepherd is uncanny to Tom cruise in Top Gun with a pair of classic Aviators. Huskies, the cool pet parents’ dog, looks like it was meant to be born with the Alpine sunglasses. Rottweilers, the masculine, rough and aggressive need a pair of the OG to be a little more intimidating; If they aren’t already. Poodles are sophisticated, high maintenance social that desire some Hendrix in Pink lenses. There are infinite combinations to express your pets’ style and personality, you just need to go check out their webpage to pick your own pair.

Aside from the they have free shipping on every order. Can I have one of everything please! I need my purse to match my watch, my watch to match my sunglasses, and my sunglasses to match my dogs’ pair. Who would have guessed that the greatest fashion trend would be a pet oriented in 2019? Suave Dog also has a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all their products. I have no doubt that every dog and “hooman” will be ear to ear and the talk of the park.

Definitely comment below to let us know which pair of sunglasses fits your dog’s style! Find a great pair of sunglasses for you and your dog at: https://www.suave.dog/ . Check out their if you desire more in sunglasses: https://www.instagram.com/suave.dog/

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