How to Keep a Dog-Friendly Home Odor-Free and Clean

How to Keep a Dog-Friendly Home Odor-Free and Clean

Keeping a home clean can be a challenge as it is, but when you have pets, it’s a whole different story - it’s incredible how much mess dogs can make, even when they’re seemingly doing nothing. However, if you are willing to change just a few simple things in your regular routine, sharing your home with a dog won’t require too much extra work. Listed below are a few tips that will help you keep your dog-friendly home fresh and clean:

Bathe your dog more often

While your dog may look clean, if you start giving him or her baths just a bit more regularly, you’ll soon notice a big difference in the cleanliness of your house. It’s not only the fur and the shedding that may be causing issues, but also the fact that dogs tend to rub up against doorways or the sides of the sofa as they walk past, which often makes things look grungy pretty quickly. If your pet is not the biggest fan of bath times, there are many tips and tricks you can use in order to have a smoother experience and, ultimately, a cleaner house.

Don’t forget about grooming

If, however, battling fur is the biggest issue you are faced with, then regular brushing is the best and simplest thing you can do. Brushing your pet daily will allow you to keep your dog’s shedding under control and keep the fur from building up inside your home. While it is preferable to do all the brushing outside, not all of us have that option. In that case, the most effective way to pick up dog hair and keep it contained is by frequent vacuuming.

Freshen up your home

Much like humans, most pets have certain smells too - the only difference is that we are prone to taking daily showers in order to eliminate them. In order to keep that ‘dog smell’ under control, the best idea would be to use a quality air purifier that will not only help with containing certain odors, but also clean the air inside your home. This will create a healthier environment for both you and your beloved pet.

Clean your dog’s dishes

You may not be aware of this, because it’s just one of those things you get used to seeing, but your dog’s dishes get very dirty very quickly. It is recommended to clean the food and water dishes on a daily basis with hot water and dishwashing liquid, then rinse them thoroughly, before drying them with paper towels. Avoid feeding your pet on the carpet, because it’s the most difficult surface to clean, but rather put your dog’s dishes on a large plastic tray or mat to protect your floors from possible spills. You can also keep the tray clean much more easily, by washing it in a solution of hot water and bleach once a week.

Wipe those little paws

Going on a walk with your dog or playing in the is always fun, but you can be in for a nasty surprise when you get home if those trails were a bit muddier than you realized. Before you know it, you could end up with your whole home covered in mud - not just the carpet, but your furniture, walls and anything else your pet can get into contact with. The best solution for this problem is to get into the habit of cleaning your dog’s little paws as soon as you enter the home with some pet wipes or a damp towel.

If you follow these simple tips, keeping your home tidy will feel like a breeze and it will be much easier to maintain a clean and healthy environment you can share with your cute and cuddly friend.

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