Keeping Your Dog Safe During the Holidays (Infographic)

Winter holidays are perfect for gathering family and cozy up in the warmth of your home. As soon as cold approaches, we start thinking about decorating our homes but rarely do we think if the decorations we chose are completely safe for our household.

Plenty of most common decorations are actually harmful or can be dangerous to our dogs. And some of them can even harm little children. However, we're not here to ruin Christmas, but we just want to provide you with useful tips that guarantee you have a safe and sound holiday season, without worrying about accidents that could have been simply prevented.

For example, pets often ingest without us noticing it, and believe it or not, just a few strands of it could harm severely. They could cause a gastrointestinal blockage that can to serious health problems in dogs. is only one of the decorations that are not safe for pups, but what about plants?

Most of the common plants we use for decoration during Christmas are toxic to canines. Unfortunately, that is true for mistletoe, holly and even the live Christmas tree. The toxins found in these plants can to poisoning which can reach different gravity levels depending on the amount of them ingested.

If you have a young puppy that will have his first Christmas ever, better skip some of these dangerous items. You can make some wonderful homemade treats for your pup and family that will make up for the lack of decorations you planned to place in your home.

All in all, keeping these things out of pup’s reach, and keeping some out of your home might be the safest thing to do. Only when you’re really sure your dog won’t be able to reach any of the harmful decorations Barking Royalty listed in this infographic, can you be truly relaxed and able to enjoy this holiday season just like you deserved.

Follow these tips for Christmas Dog Safety, and know that it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Keeping Your Dog Safe During the Holidays (Infographic)


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