10 Reasons Why Your Dog Won’t Eat (Infographic)

When seeing that our dog won’t eat, it inevitably makes us anxious and concerned. But not all cases of loss of appetite are alarming. So, before jumping to conclusions or starting to panic, run through the checklist below.

Sometimes it can be your ’s natural reaction to have over-eaten in the last couple days, or if he ate something that caused some stomach issues. However, if your dog is not eating for a day or two, you have to make sure your dog drinks enough water! As hydration is the main thing all beings have to provide themselves in order to exist healthily, if you realize your dog doesn’t want to drink water either, it’s definitely the time to visit your vet. Not might bring serious consequences to your pup’s health.

In cases that your dog avoids food at all costs in more than a couple of days, then a visit to your vet is definitely the best thing to do. However much you think you know your dog and believe you understand his needs, sometimes even the slightest changes in the environment can cause unexpected issues in your dog. The vet comes very helpful here, as he might examine several aspects of your emotional, behavioral and overall condition in order to understand what is making your dog reject eating.

This great by Barking Royalty explains all the main reasons that might have made your dog not eat.

10 Reasons Dog Won't Eat

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