7 Reasons Mobile Pet Care is Better

7 Reasons Mobile Pet Care is Better“Better than what?”, you may ask.

Well… better than blocking out a chunk of time during the middle of a busy day – juggling work, spouse, and kid’s schedules – and then driving, waiting, calming your , waiting, paying, driving (again), and finally recovering at home from the stressful journey that just took place.

I don’t know about you, but the last time I took one of our 3 to the vet, it killed about 3 hours of my time. And, it was stressful. We love our pets, but it sure can be tempting to put off normal wellness checks as long as possible (even though it’s really not a good idea to procrastinate like that).

Wouldn’t it be great if veterinarians made house calls (like human doctors did in the “old days”)? Boy that would be cool. If they did, here’s a few of the benefits you might enjoy…


You decide when the appointment takes place – not the other way around.

It’s so much easier to set aside 30 minutes at home, on your time, than it is to schedule a couple hours for the average vet visit (usually on someone else’s time).

No pet carriers.

Or leashes. Or special harnesses. Or muzzles. Or any of the other pet-centric gear you might normally use when venturing out to the vet.

Wouldn’t it be nice to *not* have to buy all that stuff you only use once a year, and buy something useful instead (like a ball launcher for your or a laser toy for your )? J

No waiting rooms.

You won’t have to sit in an uncomfortable, stuffy waiting room – constantly checking and comforting your pet – while waiting, (waiting…, waiting…,) for that examination room door to open.

Your pet won’t have to nervously cling to your side wondering if that big Doberman across the aisle is friendly or a threat. Or, your dog won’t have to overcome the impulse to bark at or chase the cat in the carrier down the row.

(Both experiences are mine. In case you haven’t noticed, I hate waiting rooms).

A calm animal, relaxed animal.

Do you like hospitals? I don’t. All the harsh lights, loud and disturbing noises, intercom voices blasting, and so on…. leads to high stress levels. Imagine how your pet feels when subjected to similar (and sometimes worse) distractions in a busy veterinarian’s office.

On the other hand – most dogs and cats enjoy their homes, and like meeting new friends (especially, if there’s a treat or toy involved). If they are given the chance to relax and get to know someone in a calm, familiar environment… well, I’m guessing the visit will be far more pleasant for everyone involved.

It’s actually affordable.

Sure, it might be slightly more than you’d pay trekking to your local vet-in-the-box, but the cost difference is more than offset by added convenience and fewer hassles.

Plus, you’ll save on gas and automobile wear and tear. J

Available at all hours.

A reliable will be available when most veterinarian offices are not normally open.

Keep in mind, an emergency (broken bones, deep lacerations, etc.) is still an emergency, and you should get the proper care at an appropriate emergency facility.

But, if it’s a normal wellness visit, or if your pet needs a specific vaccination, or has an ear infection, or similar – you can schedule a mobile pet visit outside of normal hours.

A dedicated, compassionate staff.

The mobile visit should be conducted by veterinarians with the best credentials.

A good example of this is Vetter Pet Care, a mobile vet in Baltimore, Maryland. Approved by the Baltimore SPCA, Vetter’s staff is made up of certified VMDs or DVMs, all with appropriate licenses.

The vets are compassionate animal lovers with the kind of training and experience required to provide the highest quality service for you and your pet.

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