What Do You Do When Your Dog Can’t Walk Anymore?

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Minister Ahkna and John Crichton
Minister Ahkna and John Crichton

Today, I’m pleased to chat with Candace Chen of .

Hi Candace, nice to meet you.

Likewise. Thanks for the invitation.

You’ve developed a line of premium nutritional products for pets. Can you describe what motivated you to do so?

It all started when my 5 year old German Shepherd, John Crichton, started walking with a limp and then dragging his hind legs last year. Eventually, he lost all ability to walk.

I’m sure you took him to a vet? What did the vet say?

Yes. The vet told me that he had developed neurological and hip disorders common in some large breed . He mentioned degenerative myelopathy, hip dysplasia, pinched nerve, and . Unfortunately, Crichton showed symptoms of them all.

Wow. That doesn’t sound easy to take.

It felt horrible. I was sick to my stomach when we left.

Did the vet suggest a treatment? Medications? Surgery?

Initially, a course of steroids was prescribed. But, Crichton didn’t like the side effects. Then, the vet broke my heart by suggesting the option of putting Crichton to sleep.

That seems like a serious last resort option. Did you consider it?

I had to consider Crichton’s quality of life. He’s more than 100 pounds, which is much too heavy for me to pick up like a puppy. How could he eat, exercise, play, even relieve himself if his mobility was gone?

I also had to consider my quality of life. How would do I take care of him when I can’t lift him into the car to take him to the vet? I would have to rely on animal ambulance transport just for a simple appointment.

Is this what prompted you to look into natural solutions?

I wasn’t ready to let Crichton go, and decided to take matters into my own hands. After learning as much as I could about Crichton’s conditions, I began a quest to find out if natural supplements could help.

What kind of success did you have?

Well, after purchasing many different brands and types of supplements, I discovered that I needed several different bottles and brands to get the combination of ingredients and strengths for best results. It got quite expensive.

I also found that not all supplements are created equal. Even when the ingredients and dosage on the label were the same, the quality varied quite a bit between brands. Crichton did much better on some brands than he did on others.

I concluded that pet supplements must not get the same attention and high standards as their human counterparts.

So, you decided to develop your own supplement line?

Yes. I wondered why not get rid of all the fillers, and put all those wonderful ingredients into one bottle. Then, it would be affordable and hassle-free for pet owners.

In order to reach my goal of creating the perfect supplement, I did the following:

First, I searched for premier American supplement manufacturers to find partners who shared my values, goals, and concerns.

Then, with their input, I formulated a recipe of proven ingredients at maximum strengths that I knew would benefit Crichton and other pets with similar conditions.

Next, to ensure maximum effectiveness, I searched for sources of all natural, premium human grade ingredients. I made sure the facilities are based in the USA, and are FDA and GMP compliant. This would ensure effectiveness, quality and consistency.

Finally, I made sure the formula would be affordable and delicious even for finicky dogs and cats. It works for cats, too!

That’s a pretty big list of requirements. Did it take long to get it off the ground?

One year. And, with substantial investment in time and personal resources, I founded Camelot Nutritionals with our flagship product: Camelot Pets Advanced Super Premium Multi-Action Hip & Joint Plus – For Dogs & Cats.

(Readers: Be sure to use coupon code “doggone10” for an extra 10% off any purchase on CamelotPets.com (except sample pack)). 

Congratulations. So, how is your doing now?

Today, Crichton is doing quite well! He can go to the bathroom on his own, eat, and play with his brother ‘Minister Ahkna’.

He can now walk for about 200 feet and even run for about 100 feet. Sometimes he’ll go so fast that I need to chase after him! Then, after he rests his hips and legs for a short time, he’ll get up again to play a game of fetch.

Keep in mind, he can’t scale six feet fences and chase a Frisbee like he used to. But, I’ll trade that over putting him to sleep any day!

A success! Anything else you like to add?

Yes, CamelotPets.com is a labor of love and is only made possible by the very personal experience I went through to save my fur child Crichton from being put to sleep. I am very, very proud of what we’ve accomplished with our flagship product – Camelot Super Premium Multi-Action Maximum Strength Hip & Joint Plus – For Dogs & Cats.

In a nutshell, we’re different (and better) than what’s out there, because of the high quality, all natural, human grade ingredients, made in USA, the proprietary blend/unique custom formulation of ingredients known for joint/hip/pain relief that’s all in one bottle versus the expense of having to buy 5-6 different brands of pet supplements to get that super combination.

Hopefully, it helps other pet parents and their fur children as it helped me and my GSD.

Thanks so much for your story. 

(Reminder: Be sure to use coupon code “doggone10” for an extra 10% off any purchase on CamelotPets.com (except sample pack)). 

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