Many Things to Consider When Buying Dog Toys

Many Things to Consider When Buying Dog Toys

Toys for puppies and is a necessity. The main purpose of such toys is to allow our to release energy, have fun and reduce anxiety and stress. Also, dogs need to chew on something to keep their teeth healthy and refrain them from chewing objects in the house. But not only does a toy serve to reassure your , it also helps keep their mind active with many hours of happiness while they chew, play around and exercise. This can also help distract our pets during alone time without providing extra amounts of food, which could cause weight gain.

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Toys can also work as excellent training aids, when the dog owner has the time to participate. You can teach your dog a new command with new toy that has captured their interest. They are ready and willing.

Ideally, train your pup early on about satisfactory chewing habits. To assist in getting past the puppy-chewing point, train the dog at 2-4 months that they have better “toys” to chew on, such as balls or the enrichment toys you provide, and there are things that are not to be chewed.

We must not under any circumstances, give our any inappropriate toys, we must ensure they are safe for the dog, especially when they are used to entertain the dog when they are alone. An important detail is the size of the toy. It must be of a considerable size, so the dog does not swallow it as a whole.

Try to stay away from squeaky toys. In time, dogs will tear the squeaker out of the toy and they might swallow it and cause harm to your dog. Not only should the toys be attractive and a good shape and size, but most importantly made from quality materials. Avoid objects made with toxic materials, such as something with paint, cheap plastics or something inedible that may easily shred.

There are toys that are not suitable for dogs. Clear examples are the stuffed animals that can tear easily, and inside stuffing is not good for our beloved dogs. There have been cases where they have caused and intestinal blockage or even suffocation.

Another bad habit we usually have is to give them those old shoes or sneakers. This confuses dog because for them there is no difference between a new and an old shoe. There have been reports of stomach surgeries to remove large quantities of masticated shoe leather and metal eyelets.

As a rule, leather by itself is not hazardous for the dogs; but, some leathers are tanned with potentially harmful chemicals and dyes added during processing. The main threat is a serious digestive obstruction.

Before purchasing chew toys, inspect the ingredients listed on the label and check the material of the toy. It cannot be toxic. There have been reports that some rawhide chew toys have been recalled for bacterial and chemical contamination.

The key is to find dog toys that are durable and long-lasting, because when the dog chews the toy to the point of destruction, you should take it away from them immediately to keep them from swallowing fragments.

As you can see, there are many consideration when buying a toy for your puppies and dogs. A good start is to buy your products from trusted vendors. Lately, my puppy has been loving a particular from a online vendor out of California called KittyPuppies – Here is the direct link to the product.

Keep your pets safe and always look out for them!

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