Best Ways to Protect Your Dog from Heat

As we’re in the peak of the warm summertime, it is important to note that dogs are susceptible to injuries and illnesses during this period.

and stroke are notably the most treacherous conditions for any dog. You can often solve such effects by applying a fast action to reducing your dog’s body temperature to avert the deadlier heat stroke.

Heat stroke ensues whenever the standard body mechanisms of your dog do not maintain the average body temperature which falls within the safety range of temperatures between 100-102.5 degrees. All dogs do not have the sweating ability, and pant alone cannot entirely keep a dog cool whenever they become overheated. A dog having over 106 degrees in body temperature is deadly and requires immediate veterinary help. Signs of heat stroke in dog includes the bright red tongue, rapid panting, red or pale gums, and thick, gluey saliva.

Well as a pet-parent, they are a lot you can do to avert such health conditions for your dog during summer periods. The first step required is to be smart and proactive! Whenever you notice a higher temperature, do not allow your dog to stay on hot surfaces. Also staying so close to the floor can heat up the body quickly which is also an invite to burns on delicate paw pads. You can take out the following steps to keep your dog safe during the summer periods.

Avoid leaving your pet for extended periods.

Avoid leaving your pet inside a parked car for more extended periods, not even if the area is filled with shades or plan to stay for only a few minutes. Temperatures within your vehicle could rise to above average, say something above 140 degrees. Such quick trips could turn out to be disastrous and fatal.

Getting your dog, a lightweight summer haircut.

Get your dog a lightweight summer haircut to assist in preventing overheating. Avoid shaving to the skin as dog requires one-inch hair protection to avert sunburn.

Take short walks and limit exercise & make sure you’re well equipped

Keep you furry friend’s paws away from the heated asphalt in the hot summer days,

Take your dog on low walks with cooling collar or even a Special cooling bandanna, and Dog Summer Shoes in order to protect their paws, Try as much as possible to limit exercising when temperatures go up. Also, avoid the use of muzzle since it inhibits their panting ability.

Use of fresh Water.

Make available fresh water at all times. Also ensure, when you outdoor, your dog has access to enough shade and lukewarm or slightly . You can even get a portable Dog water bottle.(just make sure it keeps the water temperature and keeping you Dry.

Simply Carry Them.

Another recent trend in the hot Summer days, is using a Dog Carry-on, Better fitted for a small- medium size breeds, Instead of leaving your pup on the heated asphalt or leaving them home alone you can simply carry them around with comfort allowing them to reduce the heated effort, Be prepared though , you’ll be getting some Pup loving smiles

Several dogs enjoy swimming. Wading pool splashing or rehearsals sprinkler in warm weather can aid in regulating body temperature. If you notice any symptoms of heat stroke, taking quick actions might save your pet’s life.

Such measures may include:

o Take away your dog immediately from hot areas.

o Wet your dog carefully with fresh water and allow for more fresh air around.

o Avoid the use of ice/cold water; it is susceptible to be highly counterproductive.

Even if your dog appears to be recovering, still find time to visit your veterinarian. By nature, dogs are highly protective of their owners.

And as such, dog owners ought to return such favors by protecting them from any form of danger. Avoiding excessive heat for your pets, can, in turn, lead to safely enjoying the warmth that accompanies the new season.

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