Stay Safe with LED Dog Collars and Leashes

Stay Safe with LED Dog Collars and Leashes

During the daylight abundant summer months it's generally not too hard to find a good, safe time to walk your dog. But, with autumn and winter approaching, and the days getting shorter, it's important to be aware of the safety concerns you might face during an early morning or post-dusk dog walk.

Safety First

Of course the first thing you should do is plan for safety in general. This might include carrying a flashlight or wearing a headlamp, keeping to well-lit streets, and wearing brightly colored or reflective clothing.

For your dog it's a good to include some reflective gear, or better yet – self-illuminating gear like LED collars and/or leashes.

We have several (some full time, some part time – long story). Nikki, our mostly black border collie, has some white on her and is therefore somewhat visible when lighting is sparse. Usually it's just a flash of light as she flies by at Mach speed. But, we can (kind of) keep track of her at night.

Bandit, our black Corgi-something mutt, is another story completely. His short legs and black coat make him nearly invisible at night. Fortunately, he's pretty old now and doesn't do a lot of wandering. But, if and when he does, I'm pretty sure a driver would never see him coming.

LED to the Rescue

LED glow in the dark collars are an effective and inexpensive way to alert both drivers and cyclists with enough notice to prevent a tragic accident. These devices also help keep an eye on your dog while outside off-leash when light is scarce.

And, when you return home, you will appreciate being able to track your dog at a glance – even in the darkest of night.

LED dog collars can be useful in many situations. Such as…

Off-leash Activities

Who doesn't let their dog run free every once in a while (whether intentional or un-intentional)? The helps you keep track of your dog, and provides you an opportunity to stop your dog before he or she gets into “trouble”.

Camping or Vacationing

If you enjoy camping or other outdoor activities with your canine companion, there is even more reason to have this vital piece of equipment.

When you're out in the woods, even during daylight hours, it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish things at a distance. Imagine how much easier it will be to catch a glimpse of your canine companion who is wearing a flashy LED collar.

Lost dog Identification

Aside from safety, this pet gadget also offers you the benefit of identification. A is not only good for hooking tags on your dog; they can also serve as a description that you can use in case your dog gets lost.

These collars are noticeable enough for people to recall, if they happen to have seen your . This is very valuable, especially if your dog is a mixed breed because mixes can be difficult to describe.

Gift Giving

What dog owner and lover wouldn't love to receive an LED collar or leash for their pet? Christmas, birthdays, even anniversaries are all good choices for giving these glow in the dark collars. Your dog parent friend will love you for it.


What about fashion? I'm not the type to dress up my (well, maybe a bandana now and then), but I know a lot of pet parents who do. Imagine choosing a unique collar design for your dog.

A that has bones or a paw print design can give your dog a cute or innocent look. Even though your dog may ignore style and fashion, it's something that can surely make you smile :). has a wide assortment of LED glow in the dark collars. I'm sure you can get some wonderful ideas there.

Until next time…

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