Infographic: Pet Survival Kit

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Infographic: Pet Survival Kit

Overview Of Doggy From Pooching Around

As a dog owner, you should take your duty of care towards your canine buddy seriously. Which is why we want to take the opportunity to share an incredibly helpful and insightful .

It was designed by the doggy resource site Pooching Around and outlines the contents you should collect together for a for your animal. Just as humans are encouraged to spend some time and money investing on go bags for emergency situations such as natural disasters, terror attacks and anything else that poses a threat to your health – the infographic underlines the necessity for people to invest in these for their pets.

Remember, pets and in particular, can suffer from stress and anxiety in a similar way to humans.

What Do You Actually Put in Your ?

You may already have one or two ideas as to what you should keep in your doggy but as noted in the infographic you should have :

  • Basic First Aid Kit – There are various products available that include all the basic essentials.
  • Food – 3 day’s worth of tinned food is Pooching Around’s recommendation
  • Water – At least one large bottle, for each dog in your household.
  • Collapsible or pop-up food and water bowl – This is self explanatory, as it will help save space in the bag.
  • Spare leash and collar – Even if you have a really good one that has not let you down yet, it may be that your dog’s leash and/or collar has not been put properly to the test. To avoid any unwanted issues happening on top of the emergency itself then, it is best to pack a good quality spare leash and collar.
  • All medical documentation for your dog including their records and information regarding any treatments and your dog may be on.
  • Dog’s favourite blanket and toy – Your dog being comfortable and calm in a crisis or emergency is just as important as their being safe. This is why a or doggy go bag should include some home comforts, such as their favourite toy and blanket.
  • Printed list of shelters and vets – It may be that you and your dog are displaced and miles away from your regular vet. So, it is a good idea to print off a list of vets and also dog shelters in the wider local area so you have contact details for these if you need them in an emergency.

Check out the infographic for more information and please be sure to share it with your friends too.

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