Chester the Traveling Dog

Chester the Traveling DogMy dog Chester, the is one of the most adorable and kind dogs you will ever find. In all of my time as his owner- about 10 years now – I have never seen him act even remotely aggressive. But his tale spans from the UK to . And along the way he faced his fair share of hardship. Chester was a when I got him, and saying he was ill-treated would surely be an understatement.

When he was a puppy an expat came with him from the UK to Trinidad, as her job presented an opportunity for her to work here. An opportunity she thought too good to pass up. That’s how my Chester came halfway around the world to the Caribbean island of Trinidad. His original owner was working in the oil industry and spent most of her time working. Because of this Chester was neglected. She often had her neighbors feed him when working late and so on. Not the best situation for a dog, as they need love and attention, not just food and water.

Shortly before the lady was returning to the UK, she offered Chester to one of her friends in Trinidad as she realized she didn’t have adequate time to care for him. For whatever reason, the person accepted and Chester now almost 2 years old had now his second owner. But things became even worse now. Less than a year had passed before he was turned into the animal shelter. It seemed as if he was more than neglected but even abused, from the information received at the shelter.

When I went to my local shelter I saw this cute but sad Weston Terrier and I knew I had to have him. Apparently he had been in the shelter less than a week when I came looking to adopt a dog. I noticed he walked with a limp and when he was checked by the vet they found that his right front paw had been broken. It was not attended to properly so the bone healed outside the socket. Aside from that he had many other signs of abuse and was afraid of human interaction.

The vet told me even though he limps the injury does not hurt him and to fix it we would have to break the bone again. I could not put him through that. At first he was afraid to eat in front me, or people on the hole, another sign of abuse. He is now 13 years old and after all this time still won’t eat in front of people. He is also a very picky eater as he won’t even eat a piece of fruit as a treat neither will he eat certain dog foods. As Chester is now a , I do my best in picking the best dog food for older dogs.

He seems to run okay when he is playing but limps when he walks. It took close to a year for him to start to overcome the abuse. He no longer ran away if he heard a loud noise, he started to greet people and so on. He is also the least aggressive dog that I have ever met in my entire life. He only barks at certain strangers and even then he would still let them pet him.

He is now a little bit on the lazy side but I have to remember that he is now a senior dog. The Caribbean is also a very hot place so this may explain why he has more energy in the evenings/nights to play. He also isn’t too good at fetch, if he catches the ball he usually just runs away with it rather than bring it back to you.

Chester is such a wonderful dog, it is sad to see how people abuse and mistreat all so many of these animals. This is why never purchase dogs from shops or . There are so many great dogs in the shelter that need a good home. These shelters can’t hold all the dogs that come in so when you adopt you also save a life. Not only did I save a life I also gained a best friend for the last 10 years. If you do not have the time to take care of a dog, don’t get one, they need more than just food and water. They require affection and love.

My name is Christopher Hay and I am the owner of the website, aDogsBest. I have been a dog owner most of my life and a dog lover all of my life. All of my dogs are and have been .

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