Words of Wisdom

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Dog on beach looking lovingly at Owner.
The Best Proof of Love is Trust
Pug wrapped in Blanket.
Dogs are My Favorite People
Attentive German Shepherd ears.
If you Need a Friend, Get a
Dog looking at camera.
You Change Your Life by Changing Your Heart
Proud, Happy Beagle.
I Can No Other Answer Make But Thanks, and Thanks, and Ever Thanks

Images Courtesy of  Life Quotes

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Free Bacci Bogie book!

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Get this wonderful book absolutely free! First, read about Bacci ’s adventures at the famous Doral Country Club. Then, go to baccibogie. com, open the section called “life lessons”, take the quiz and fill out the contact form. Easy-peasy! Hurry though, the number of free books is limited. You don’t want to miss out. Later!

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One in seven households owns a dog in New York City. While dogs can be good companions and are great stress relievers, some pets may cause problems for their owners once they start chewing on everything in sight. What can all these

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Would you like to protect your from, fleas, ticks and mosquitoes with a non-toxic, which is safe for animals and humans. There is no limit regarding age, size or medical conditions. One disc per 80 lbs. Successfully protecting over 44 million pets in 197 countries worldwide. Common anti-parasite products […]

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