How You Can Make Your Dog’s Coat Look Glorious

How You Can Make Your Dog's Coat Look Glorious

There is nothing quite as appealing as a with a glorious mane, wouldn't you agree? No matter if your floof ball is a mix-breed or a purebred, every dog can sport a shiny coat all year round with a few simple tricks and daily habits you can easily adopt. After all, who doesn't want their dog to turn the heads of passersby as they revel in their beauty?

Oftentimes, though, dog owners will find themselves torn between opposing grooming and from veterinarians and online publications, unable to settle on the best lifestyle choices for their pet. Here to put this puzzling question to rest are the five tips that will help your dog grow a glorious coat that'll make you fall in love with them even more.

Mind the ingredients of puppy chow

Needless to say (but we'll say it anyway), nutrition plays as much of a role in your dog's health and well-being as it does in yours. If you shouldn't indulge in unhealthy food choices such as fast food, sugary sweets, and processed foods, then obviously your pooch shouldn't either. But when it comes to , things get a lot more complicated.

Over time, continuous domestication has transformed the dog from a tough scavenger able to survive many a trial in a natural environment, to a delicate creature whose health can get compromised very quickly in the absence of adequate nutrition. This also means that the quality of your dog's coat can suffer as well if you're not serving up plenty of healthy proteins, fats, and carbs on a daily basis. However, macronutrients are but a single part of the equation.

Supplement with micronutrients

Vitamins and minerals play another crucial role in nurturing a to-die-for coat your pooch can wear proudly all year long. More so than macronutrients, micronutrients can have a tough time penetrating the cell's membrane, as every vitamin and mineral has its unique bioavailability rate.

This means that your dog can have a hard time getting all of the needed micronutrients from kibble or raw foods alone, and thus requires supplementation on a daily basis. So be sure that calcium, Omega-3 and Omega-6, as well as a hearty multivitamin, find their place in your pooch's daily regimen.

Brush, brush, brush!

If there is one thing no (shedding) dog can sport a glorious coat without, it's frequent brushing. A brush is not just a great tool to minimize shedding and the need to vacuum three times a day, but it's also excellent for nurturing the coat, removing dirt, and helping with heat regulation. Yes, the brush should be a staple in your dog's grooming arsenal.

Keep in mind that different types of coat will require a different type of brush, so finding the right tool for your pooch is vital. You'll also need a grooming tool that will reach all the way to the undercoat, such as a Furminator brush that comes in many forms for every coat type. So make sure daily brushing becomes a part of your routine and you will have no problem keeping your furry compadre looking all shiny and glorious.

Bathe your dog properly

To get one thing out of the way first, dogs usually don't like to be bathed, and there's a reason for that. By treating their coat(s) with chemicals, or even natural products, you are disrupting the intrinsic homeostasis in their fur, drying out their skin, and potentially causing plenty of fur and skin problems down the road.

Depending on the breed, you want to bathe your dog anywhere from once a month to never, as some breeds benefit from an occasional bath, and others don't need it due to their inherent ability to clean themselves or with a help of a brush.

When you do decide it's time for a bath, make sure you use only. While there are plenty of quality products out there, using a simple solution of three parts lukewarm water and one part apple cider vinegar is one of the best and most affordable ways to maintain your dog's glorious coat at no expense to their long-term health.

Consult your vet on occasion

Finally, when in doubt, be sure to consult your vet. If you have a skilled professional at your side, they will be able to prescribe the best routine for your pooch that will allow your dog to enjoy a healthy and lengthy life. That said, you always want to hear the opinion of a few trusted professionals before deciding on the best course of action.

Maintaining a glorious coat all year round is not as difficult as it may seem – all you need to do is stick to a couple of healthy habits and your dog's coat will become shiny and thick in no time. With these essential lifestyle tips in mind, you will have no problem making your dog's coat as beautiful and vibrant as they come.

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