A Dog Adoption Story

Imagine for a second, that you’re a dog. The first thing that probably comes to mind is what you would look like. You can be any dog.

You can be a strong German Shepard: loyal, courageous but above all, loving. You can be a Yorkie: outgoing, small in size but big in personality. Or, how about a Golden Retriever: well-mannered with superior intellect. You know what type of dog you would be…

Now, think about your day. Think about your family. Think about what you would be doing.

For the moment, see yourself in the back seat of your owner’s car. You’re curious but also confused. A small hand runs up and down your back as you lock eyes with a child. Your friend. You know her. She always threw you that old tennis ball. She was also the one that snuck you an extra treat when no one was looking. Yea, you know her. But why is she crying?

Her emotion starts to impact you. You put your nose close to her cheek and give her a kiss in the attempt to put an end to her tears. It doesn’t help. She cries harder. Inside the car you hear only the soft sniffles of beside you. No radio today. Again, you’re confused.

The car pulls to a halt, and the side door opens. The rays of sun illuminate upon your soft coat. A perfect day for a walk. Maybe that’s what you’re doing. Going for a walk. You look up to see your owner. “Hi, buddy.” His voice cracks slightly. He bends down and embraces you. You feel safe in his arms. He pulls away and for a second you see a single tear roll down his cheek.

Something seems off today. Down from the car and outside, you walk next to your friend. Your other friend, the child that was sitting next to you, now walks by your side. Every time you look up at her, she’s looking at you. She’s crying again. Why is she crying?

A door swings open and with it comes the echo of a multitude of barks. They’re overpowering. Each has its own message, but each message is one of sadness and fear. You, yourself, begin to grow fearful. What is this place?

A woman walks up to your owner before bending down and giving you a scratch on the back of your ears. When she stands back up, you feel your heart begin to race. Your eyes follow the length of your which is now gripped in the hand of this new woman. You let out a soft cry.

What is happening? One more hug from your owner. You feel a light tug on the and begin to move forward. Again, you let out a cry, only this time it’s louder. With every effort you begin to pull back. You’re scared. You stop for a moment and turn around.

Standing by the door is the child you shared the back seat with. She cries as she lifts one hand and waves to you. You can hear her sobbing. You too start to cry. Again, a light tug on the causes you to look back at the woman directing you. Quickly your head swivels back only to see: nothing. She’s gone. Your best friend, no where to be seen. You panic. “Please, come back!” You try your best to call out in a series of barks. In between the barks, you whimper.

You’re lead to a room. The barking grows louder around you. The woman holding onto your bends down one more time and scratches you behind the ear. Her voice is soft. “Everything is going to be okay, buddy.” Within a few seconds, a door closes in-front of you. She’s gone.

Two days go by. A food bowl at the side of the room remains untouched. You’re hungry but can’t find the strength to eat. You wait. You hope that your owner will come back. With every slamming door, you look with excitement to see if it’s your friend. Every time, it’s someone else. The barking is starting to become deafening. It continues throughout the night. You lie down on a worn pillow but can’t sleep. Again, you begin to whimper.

Two more days go by. People have come and gone. They look at you but it’s hard for you to look back. They move on. A few others have come into your room. They pet you, refill your water and encourage you to eat. They’re concerned about you.

A final day goes by. The door to your room opens and a is buckled to your collar. The same woman who you met a few days ago once again gives you a light scratch behind your ears. She doesn’t speak this time. She directs you from the room, the same room you have called home for the week. You stretch out your hind legs and begin to walk. You can feel your body shaking from a lack of nutrition. You try to block out the barking as you’re brought into a different room.

A new woman is waiting for you. She calls you by a different name. A name that you’re not familiar with. For a moment, you’re still. The woman runs her hand up and down your back. She tells you it will be okay. She says you’re a good dog. You remember how your best friend used to say the same thing. Her hand is no longer at your back. You feel yourself getting tired and weak. You think about the child you once knew. You envision her face. You’re calm. A light begins to slowly radiate. You’re breathing becomes steady. You feel peace as you close your eyes.

A hand once again touches your back. You open your eyes and see a child. A different child. A boy. You lock eyes as he smiles. “Come on, buddy. The light once again illuminates as the door swings open. You walk slowly with the child at your side. You’re weak, but excited. The boy bends down and embraces you as you look back at the building. “We’re gunna be best friends!”

His voice is comforting. Once again he smiles at you. A feeling of warmth runs through your body as you find the strength to kiss him on his nose. He laughs and leads you up into a new car. He sits by your side as his small hand brushes the back of your neck. He looks at you and whispers softly, “I already love you.” And without any hesitation, you begin to think the same thing as well.

Houndstooth Grooming Company is a new men’s grooming line. We specialize in providing men with premium grooming products. Above all, we take pride in our mission of trying to find every dog a home. We work with different charities and organizations that align with our mission.

Furthermore, for every single product we sell, a portion goes toward our mission. We believe that all should have a forever home. It is our goal to be dog’s best friend!

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