Of Pooches and Herbs: Knowing the Good from the Bad

If you've been into healthy, natural food as of late, you've probably learned to appreciate the benefits herbs provide. You might also be thinking of letting your join you in your quest for holistic health. While you have the right intentions, you shouldn't just assume that whatever is right for you is also good for him. You need to learn which herbs are bad and which ones are good—particularly for the canine kind.

Herbs to Stay Away From

Comfrey is widely praised for its bone-healing properties. While it may benefit dogs by hasting the regeneration process (even in cuts and wounds), there's also the risk of liver damage. Unlike you, your pup isn't really that capable of processing alkaloids, which comfrey contains. And to point out how serious this risk is, whenever the liver gets damaged, its chances of developing cancer increases.

is another impressive herb that's simply harmful to your beloved pooch. Despite being known for its sheer potency in fighting parasites and preventing cancer, the herb is too strong to be used on dogs. It's loaded with all sorts of compounds that, despite being good for us, harm the kidney and liver of our . If that doesn't seem risky enough, think about this—wormwood can cause neurological damage.

Good Herbs for Your Pooch

While comfrey and wormwood can be dangerous to canine health, rosemary, basil, and oregano are generally safe. Rosemary contains impressive amounts of fiber, vitamin B6, calcium, iron, and antioxidants. It makes you feel energetic, improves your digestion, and keeps your mind sharp. It keeps cancer at bay as well. Fortunately, in this case, your pooch can enjoy the same perks from this remarkable herb.

Basil is something you'll probably see in almost every kitchen. Although it's usually added to dishes for its flavor, the herb has potent anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Given how likely it is for dogs to develop arthritis, it's a good thing that they can have basil with their favorite treats. It isn't surprising at all that most supplements for pooches contain a good amount of basil.

Oregano is somewhat similar to basil, given that it's also capable of reducing pain and discomfort from arthritis. There's an added bonus to giving your canine companion this herb though—it effectively controls odor and even keeps bloating at bay. Are you wondering whether you'd get to enjoy the same perks from oregano? Yes, you would—with this herb, the pursuit for better health is really something you can do together with your beloved dog.

Making the Right Choices

There are other herbs that could be beneficial to your canine companion. Of course, it's also true that comfrey and wormwood aren't the only for your pooch. Much like people (and Japanese koi fish), dogs differ from one another. So, while it's perfectly fine to use this brief list as a guide, it would definitely be best to consult your vet whenever you're planning to introduce something new to your pup's diet.

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