Top 8 Reasons to Consider Socks for Your Dog

dog socks
Your doesn’t have to be an athlete to benefit from !

Say what? Socks for your dog? Are they just trying to sell you on another silly dog fad?

Think what you will, there several are good reasons why you should consider dog socks. Whether you have a new puppy who can’t get traction on your hardwood floors, or you have a senior dog with arthritic hips, you’ll find a good reason to at least consider them in the following list.

Avoid the “Slip and Slide”.

We have a border collie and two corgis (well, one of the corgis is actually a mix). And, we have hardwood floors and lots of tile. Believe me, and “slick” floors generally don not mix very well.

Border collies are built to “corner on a dime”. That is – if they can get traction. If they can’t, then their legs fly all over the place, and (remember – BORDER COLLIE – always at full speed) they tend to crash into whatever furniture or obstacle is in the vicinity of their flailing legs. There’s a lot of potential for injury as well as a lot of potential for broken stuff. We may laugh at their antics, but it’s really not all that funny – everything considered.

On the other hand, corgis have very short legs for their bulk. I’ve noticed a tendency for them to “waddle” while they run in order to avoid slipping. The youngest of the two corgis almost trots like a horse (or maybe you could call it a canine version of skipping) when inside the house, whereas he actually runs like a dog outside when he can get traction.

Traction for .

Older dogs, and some breeds naturally, have weak or arthritic hips. Sometimes even younger dogs can suffer from hip dysplasia. It’s so sad to watch them struggle to simply stand upright on slick floors.

Non-skid can help them simply stand, and perhaps more importantly, stay active without harming themselves.

Protect your floors.

Remember #1? All that slipping and sliding on hardwood floors and tile? Well, it takes a toll on your flooring as well.

I bet if you were to look at your flooring in the right lighting, you’d see tons of scratches cross-crossing it like some kind of weird spider web. You probably don’t relish the idea of sanding and refinishing your flooring over and over again. Dog socks can help prevent that.

Paw protection.

Think about what happens to your dog’s paws when he or she is outside – thorns, salt on sidewalks during the winter, scalding hot pavement during the summer, countless other hazards.

When you walk your dog you wear shoes to protect your feet, don’t you? From glass, sharp rock, thorns, and whatnot? So, what about your dog? Hmm, I know a solution… socks for dogs.

Protect upholstery.

Do you have expensive leather seats in your car or truck? Sure, seat covers can protect them from your dog’s sharp claws… but then you really don’t have fancy leather seats, do you? Doggie socks can protect those seats, and you’ll still be able to see and enjoy the leather.

Perhaps you’re constantly trying to keep your pooch off a fancy sofa or chair inside your house. Believe me, when you’re not around, they are doing it anyway. Putting socks on you dog when you leave might provide you with a little piece of mind.

“Heal” your dog.

See what I did there? Using “heal” instead of “heel”… ah, never mind. Bad pun.

Have you seen the movie “Up”? The film humorously highlights the “cone of shame”, which is often used to keep dogs from scratching at wounds on their necks or heads. An alternative to this could be the use of dog socks which would prevent their sharp claws from digging into the wounds or stiches.

The “cone of shame” is also used to prevent dogs from licking or biting wounds or stiches on their legs and paws. Using thick doggy socks for this purpose could also be a viable alternative.

Better than booties.

I’ve seen dogs being walked during the winter weather who are wearing what looks like heavy plastic snow boots. And, the dog look very uncomfortable. Those cheap clunky dog booties are seemingly a nightmare for the pooch to walk in.

Dog socks, on the other hand, are form fitted to the dog’s paw. And, they are flexible and soft, so most dogs don’t even notice them after a few minutes.

They look cool.

If you are into things like and coats, or like to “dress” your dog up, then you really need to consider doggy socks to complete the “look”.

Now, the question arises as to where to get these amazing socks for dogs. Well, my favorite source is Woodrow Wear.

Woodrow Wear has a fine selection of non-slip socks that stay put on your dog’s feet. They are made of a washable, breathable cotton fabric with a wide band that keeps the sock secure. Your dog’s socks will be easy to put on and take off, and the non-slip pads on the bottom eliminate slipping or sliding.

Plus, the dog socks are designed in such a ways as to prevent turning, so the non-skid pads will always be on the bottom as they should be.

Convinced? Then please take a moment to visit and check out their great selection of dog socks.

Until next time…

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