Is Your Dog Chewing On Everything? Here’s How You Can Help Your Pooch Become Less Destructive

One in seven households owns a dog in New York City. While dogs can be good companions and are great stress relievers, some pets may cause problems for their owners once they start chewing on everything in sight. What can all these do if they find their beloved pooch constantly chewing their furniture?

You need to ensure you have a good idea of what may be causing your dog to chew, then take action to rectify the problem. One course of action might be to consider using the services of a qualified dog walker.

Problems that may cause chewing

It's best not to just assume your dog is destructive because it chews. Dogs are programmed to chew as it exercises their jaw muscles and provides stimulation. Most dog owners aim to train their dog to know what it is acceptable to chew and what is not.

There are plenty of durable dog chew toys on the market to choose from. A well-trained dog should know that their chew toy is the only household item they should be chewing. A dog that keeps destroying furniture may be suffering from other issues. There could be issues with separation anxiety, especially if their owner has to be away for periods.

If your dog does has anxiety issues there are some steps you can take to help. It could be something as simple as your dog suffering from hunger causing it to end up chomping on furniture as they search for food.

Stop your dog from chewing

Assuming your dog has a good toy to chew and is not troubled by separation anxiety, making sure they consistently have lots of attention and are generally a happy dog should, on the whole, eliminate unwanted chewing.

However, should you have a chewer, you might try an -chew spray. These sprays work by leaving a bitter to repel the dog to stop the chewing and are readily available in most quality pet stores.

Dog trainers suggest addressing the chewing on furniture problem as soon as possible.

The best way to get your chewer under control is to ensure it has plenty of attention. Like any regular human being, it's you have to leave the house for a period of time.

Many people who need to leave their dogs for a period of time opt for using a dog daycare service. An alternative option is to use the services of a , as you can set up regular walks around you not being around.

NYC Pooch offers a quality dog walking service. Scheduling in regular walks with someone your dog trusts will provide all the attention and stimulation it needs keeping it well away from your furniture and woodwork! Plus you would have the piece of mind your dog is happy, getting their regular walks and lots of attention.

Not only can you schedule in walks but you are able to use their app to connect with your dog walker, monitor where your dog went using GPS tracking, see photos of the walk, and receive check-in and check-out alerts.

Photo by Jay Wennington on Unsplash

Here’s a great idea. Bullibone produces quality -lasting nylon dog chews. What better way to keep your pooch busy! Check out this article from their website: How to Know When Chewing is a Real Problem. (In a hurry? You can buy their dog chews right here).

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