“Love is Patient” Figurine Review

These are my thoughts about the “Love is Patient from the company. I was given the figurine in exchange for writing a , but rest assured, I’m being completely honest and straight-forward here.

Here’s my “” figurine story.

It started when I received an email with the offer for a figurine if I could write a review for Valentine’s day. I didn’t notice the email for several days (my bad). The offer was intriguing, but since this is a related site, I wasn’t sure what they might have for dog lovers. Plus, since it was getting pretty close to Valentine’s Day, I wasn’t sure if I could get it done in time.

I asked about dog related items and was provided a choice between three cute little figurines. I ran it by my wife, and she thought this little guy looked pretty cute in the photo.

I placed the “order” and waited to see what would show up.


From their website, here is the description of the “Love is Patient” figurine.

  • As this little one puts her sheepdog’s fur in pink rollers, just like her own, they both show patience for one another
  • Let someone know you would do anything for them and that your love for them is patient and kind
  • Give as a thoughtful gift to a lover you know for any occasion, from birthdays and anniversaries or even ‘just because’
  • Meticulously crafted of fine bisque porcelain and expertly hand painted


A week or so after ordering, a plain brown box – maybe 10 inches square – arrived from from the company. It did have the logo on the outside of the box, which you might want to consider if you live in a higher crime area.

Inside the brown box, and protected by the ubiquitous “inflated” cushion wrap, was a smaller white box that had an image of the figurine on it. Inside the white box was the figurine, packaged in a form fitting Styrofoam-like cube.

Impression of packaging: Excellent. I imagine it would hold up well under most shipping circumstances.


I removed the figurine from the packaging visually inspected for appearance and any flaws.

The figurine measures roughly 3-3/4 inches wide,  4 inches tall, and a little over 3 inches deep. If I was ordering this for a specific spot on a curio shelf I would allow for 4 or 4-1/2 inches as a guide.

The colors are pale/pastel. The dog is light gray and white, with highlights of pink bows, curlers, and ; with a bright silver heart shaped dog tag. The little girl is wearing a pink dress, has a pink bow and curlers in her blondish/soft brown hair, and light peach/orange shoes. Black is used for the dog’s nose and both figures’ eyes as highlights.

The paint appears to be very precise and blends well at the edges. Since the color scheme is intended to be “soft”, I think it works as anticipated.

Impression of appearance: Excellent. I detected no obvious flaws, and would feel comfortable giving this figurine as a gift to just about anyone.

The “Cuteness” factor

When my wife looked at it, the first thing that she said was “Oh, how precious”. You can’t get any better response than that!

Here it is on her curio shelf in the breakfast nook.


“Love is Patient” is priced at $35.99.

Final thoughts

Overall, I think the figurine is well crafted and nicely painted, and definitely falls within the category of collectible. I don’t know if it will gain in value over time, but that’s the thing about collectibles… you never know.

As a gift, in general, it should work for nearly every occasion. It definitely has a spring feel to it, so Valentine’s Day, Easter, St. Patrick’s day – even Memorial Day are coming up. I’m pretty sure any “dog moms” would adore something like this.

Or, as the people like to say, “just because” 🙂

(And guys – if you did miss Valentine’s Day, there’s nothing wrong with a belated gift. Especially one that she’ll love).

You can check this and other similar figurines out at the website. Simply go to www.preciousmoments.com (affiliate link) to find your perfect gift or collectible.

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