How to Start a Dog Grooming Business

Starting up a service is possible, rewarding and can turn into a lucrative revenue stream if done correctly. A few requirements include the financial stake necessary for the purchase of equipment and to be physical fit to handle the rigors of handling all day long. You will also need adequate that is suited to your dog grooming insurance requirements .Helpful attributes to have will be a love for the canines of the world and a good business mind to make sure the business will stay financially stable.

Types of

There are three main categories of operating a dog grooming service. There is the salon operator, mobile service and home operations.

This can be the most expensive to start up due to the financial costs associated with it. This includes the cost of renting a facility with adequate room, the necessary equipment including tubs, kennels, tables, dryers, miscellaneous grooming items, supplies like shampoo and lotions along with the most important insurance to protect the business.

  • Mobile Service

A mobile service requires the purchase of a vehicle large enough to transport all of the equipment necessary for carry out the dog grooming service. This can include a portable tub, table along with the necessary equipment to groom the canine. Special equipment the mobile vehicle will have to be equipped with should include a power generator and running water. A service area must also be thought about to make each grooming appointment a profitable one. This service will require both insurance for the business and for the vehicle.

  • Home Service

This will have the same costs as a salon business with the one omission of the lease for the location of the business. There has to be sufficient space at the home for the grooming to be carried out. The room or rooms must also be dedicated to the business and clean. Garages and porches are generally unacceptable location in a home for this type of business to succeed. might not cover a business and a new policy should be investigated to ensure the business is protected.

What every must have

A dog grooming business is a real business and a license issued by the local municipality is required by law. If you expand and employ staff you will also need to take out suitable insurance for them.

Advertisement is necessary so new clients can be informed of the services you are willing to provide. The spread by Word of Mouth is still the best possible advertising, but can limit the reach of your business into a community. At minimal a sign in front of the establishment or home should be posted. For a mobile service, the side of the vehicle should have the name of the business along with a phone number and website so contact can be made.

In the past a newspaper advertisement along with an ad in the yellow pages was recommended. Today's electronic age requires a website and pages on the social media circuit like Facebook and Twitter. This will present your service to the world so it can be seen and prospective clients can be informed about just what you will provide.

Things to Consider

Dog owners that pay to have their dogs groomed have money. Because of this the business has to cater to their needs and expectations. A dog grooming service is a medium to high class service. This image has to be projected at all times in terms of appearance of the salon, the attitude of the employees and quality of the services provided. This will make it possible for the business to succeed.

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