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The corgi is moderately long and low, and less heavily boned than the Cardigan Welsh corgi. Its movement is free and smooth, with good reach and drive. This is a breed that needs to be quick and agile, even after herding all day, in order to avoid the cattle’s kicking hooves. It combines a weather-resistant undercoat of medium length with a coarser outer coat of slightly longer length. Its expression is intelligent and interested, foxy, but not sly.

Quick and quick-witted, the Welsh corgi has an active mind and body. It needs daily physical and mental exercise to be at its best in the house. It is devoted and willing to please, fun-loving, amiable and companionable. It is very good with children, although it can nip at heels in play. It is usually reserved with strangers. Many bark a lot.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Facts Welsh Corgi Facts

Welsh Corgi

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Welsh Corgi

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Welsh Corgi

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