Scooter is a friendly 3 year old mix breed canine companion who loves car rides.

is a 3 old mix who car .

Scooter is a friendly 3 year old mix breed canine companion. He weighs about 45 lbs, is house trained, and crate trained. He gets along with other dogs and cats. Scooter likes car rides and is leashed trained. He is known to sneak onto the couch and bed, and loves to run and play.

Scooter may not be good with young children since he does not like to be poked, pulled and hit on. However, he is very good with his foster's toddler who is well mannered with animals.


Scooter is a wonderful, loving guy who just wants a loving forever home.


Scooter will follow you anywhere. If his foster didn’t have so many dogs already, he would be one they would love to keep. He is such a good sweet boy. He has never bothered anything…well maybe got in the trash once. It wasn’t his fault….It smelled too good!


If you are looking for a forever best friend…Scooter just might be the one for you! He just needs to be given a real chance.

Scooter is spayed, up to date on vaccinations, on heartworm preventative and micro chipped.

A secure fenced yard and home visit is required. There are no

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Dog Rescue

Dog Rescue

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