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Pets, Pets, Pets
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The show must go on- God willing. Tomi Girl, Sunset and Edgar wait back stage. The Muttcracker has evolved over the last six years. Martha Powell, national chair for Afghan Hound Club of America Rescue lives in Alabama. "A few Afghans should walk

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Welsh Corgi

Welsh Corgi

Pets, Pets, Pets - Massapequa PostFor the Love of Welsh Corgis 2018 14 x 12 Inch Monthly Deluxe Wall Calendar with Foil Stamped Cover, Animal Dog Breeds (English, French and Spanish Edition)
The Welsh Corgi was brought to Wales by the Celts. The word corgi, in fact, comes from the Celtic words for dwarf and dog. These d…

Pets, Pets, Pets - Massapequa PostCardigan Welsh Corgi on Gray Ultra Lightweight Cotton Crew Socks (One Size Fits Most) Made in USA
Portraits of a Cardigan Corgi adorn these socks from one of our favorite manufacturers. A grey background with a black border in a…

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