Toby is a baby Golden Retriever Chow Chow mix puppy who was found alone and crying for food and water as a stray.

Toby is a baby Golden Retriever Chow Chow mix puppy who was found alone and crying for food and as a stray.

Toby is a Golden Retriever Chow Chow mix puppy who was and crying for food and water as a . Toby ended up at the Little Rock Dog Pound where, like many of the animals, they had little chance of getting adopted or making it out of the shelter without becoming sick. Toby was so when first found he had to be put with a nursing mother. Fortunately for Toby, he was able to come to the DogsOnly rescue and rehome program, and get out of the noise and dangers of the pound.

Toby may be still small, but he still loves to run and play. Every now and then he gets his little legs mixed up and he tumbles over and over, making little yipping noises as he goes. He is quite the happy little puppy and about 7 weeks old and maybe 4 to 5 pounds. He loves to play with his foster siblings and is a typical puppy. He needs a home that has the time and energy to raise a healthy well adjusted puppy into a good canine companion.

Toby is energetic and very happy young puppy, and will probably grow up to be a first-class canine companion. However he is not for a family seeking an “easy” puppy, because there is no such thing. Please remember that as beautiful and cuddly as Toby is at the moment, he will grow into an adult canine companion in no time at all. You should also be prepared for the usual trial of rearing a young puppy including the chewing, crying, potty training, and constant demands. For this reason we would prefer that Toby’s new guardians have experience with young puppies and understand their

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Dog Rescue

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