Bronze Pooch Crystal Collar

Bronze Pooch Crystal Collar
Bronze Pooch Crystal Collar
Price: $63.00

Bling it on! Our Bronze Bling Collars are metallic chic. Our exclusive embellished set is made of fine, buttery leather. Features shimmering crystal studs carefully adorned. Diamonds for furs! Please click on sizes below for more specific measurement information. Don’t forget a matching lead! Designed with 100% authentic Swarovski Crystals. Poochee Perfect! Collar Sizing: Size 10: Fits 8.5-10.5; 5/8 in Wide Size 12: 10.5-13.5in; 5/8 in Wide Size 14: Fits 12.5-15.5in; 3/4 in Wide Size 16: Fits 14.5-17.5in; 3/4 in Wide Size 18: Fits 16.5-19.5.5in; 1 in Wide Size 20: Fits 18.5-21.5in; 1 in Wide Size 22: Fits 21.5-23.5in; 1 in Wide

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