German Shepherd Nutritional Needs

A is a strong, athletic breed and their energetic nature means that need a diet that is packed with nutrients. Being carnivores, they need higher protein content in their diet to keep them healthy. The recommended protein content is 22% with a certain amount of fat that will keep your German Shepherd loving their dog food as well as preventing skin problems.

If you have a , you would have noticed that they tend to shed a lot of fur throughout the year, and a recommended fat content of 5% – 8% should be included in their diet to ensure they have healthy fur.

How long a dog lives largely depends on the type of food it eats – so keeping this in mind, we've jotted down a few essential points and answers to questions our readers have had regarding their German Shepherds.

Do I feed my GS the same amount as an adult?

No, as puppies tend to eat more food as they are in a growing stage. are more active than adults, as they tend to let their curiosity take them to all corners of their environment, which means that they need to continuously replenish their energy reserves.

How many times do I feed my GS puppy?

They need to have a constant supply of calories to maintain their energy stores and even though they need more nutrients than an adult German Shepherd, you have to stick to a feeding schedule.

Feed them small meals throughout the day and spread the portions to 4 smaller meals daily. Puppies cannot figure out when to stop eating and if you give them too much food in one go, they may end up stuffing their faces and making themselves sick.

What diet should I give my German Shepherd?

There are different diets you can opt for.

  • Raw diet – This will consist of meats, cooked vegetables, bone diet, all of which are essential for your dog. Power packed with carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins, a raw diet will give your puppy a growth spurt as well as help in strengthening their bones.
  • Dry – in which you should read the label and follow the recommended instructions/ portions. However, we would suggest mixing it up a bit as dry dog food, although cheaper and easier to store, it holds fewer nutrients as well as has a low water content which will lead to your dog being dehydrated.
  • Canned wet food – This is a great option, but may turn out to be an expensive option. It is easy to digest, has 80% water content and holds all the essential nutrients your GS needs. But you will need a large quantity of canned dog food, and if you want to balance things out, you can mix it with dry dog food so that their teeth get to chew well, which keeps their teeth clear of tartar.

As always, keep your dog well hydrated and avoid feeding them scraps off your table as those foods could be toxic for them.

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