How to Care for a Husky

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Huskies are dogs that were bred for working in cold and snowy weather, which is why they have thick furry coats. These coats need special care, and the Huskies always need to have special dog food, exercise and training to make sure they're as healthy and happy as can be. You may need to invest a bit of , effort and love in caring for your Husky, but you will find that all your efforts will be returned hundred fold. Keep these tips in mind to keep your Husky happy.

  1. Exercise them regularly: Huskies are high energy dogs and they need to be active on a daily basis. By taking them out for a run, you ensure that you get your dose of fitness too! They need to run around 3 – 5 miles every other day – and if you feel you can't run or bike that much, take them for a swim or even allow them to be social and with other dogs to keep them active. But always pace your dog so they don't overheat themselves.
  2. Be aware of the weather while exercising: Because of their heavy coats, they are more suited for chilly weather. You run the risk of overheating them if you take your Husky out for a walk in hot weather. If the temperature is on the higher side, go out early mornings or late evenings when the weather is slightly cooler.
  3. Give your Husky's coat a regular brushing: Huskies tend to shed a lot of fur, especially in Spring and fall, when they shed their undercoat. Even though they are pretty clean and require no extra grooming, brushing your Husky at least once a week will help remove dead hair, to leave your Husky's coat looking shiny.
  4. Avoid bathing your Husky too much: Even though we bathe every day to keep clean, your Husky is a naturally clean dog, and they barely have any odor, if any. By bathing them, you remove the protective layer of oils on their skin – so you should keep bathing to a minimum and simply use a waterless shampoo or just give their coat a good brushing now and again.
  5. Don't shave your Husky's fur: Their fur is their protection against the elements as well as protection from the harsh UV rays. You may think you're doing them a favor by shaving their fur in summer, but that would leave them unprotected and highly susceptible to the harmful effects of the sun's rays. Also, by doing this, your Husky's fur will grow back less softer, leading to more tangles later.
  6. Keep checking your Husky's Paws: Their paws are sensitive to hot weather, and they could damage
    the pads on hot and rough surfaces. Keep their nails trimmed regularly or check that they are trimmed naturally through regular exercise.
  7. Give your Husky a balanced diet: A combination of commercial dog food and meat provides ample protein for your Husky. Never give them cooked bones as they could be dangerous for your Husky, but they will happily chew and gnaw on raw bones.
  8. Make regular Vet appointments: There may be some things you don't notice, which your vet can pick up on.
  9. Always keep water aside for them: They need to be well hydrated to keep cool and healthy.
  10. Brush their teeth: This will prevent dental diseases and keep their breath fresh and clean when done on a regular basis with vet approved toothpaste.

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