Car Safety Tips: 3 Tips To Keep You and Your Dog Safe While Driving

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Do you love taking your for a car ride? For most , traveling by car is one of the most enjoyable things that they can experience, and pet owners love the company of their furry friends while they're on the road. According to recent statistics, 56% of respondents have driven with their dog in a vehicle at least once a month. However, it appears that the majority of parents take part in at least one possibly distracting activity while driving their dog, which can lead to serious accidents. This is why it's crucial for dog owners to take concrete steps to ensure their safety and their pet's well-being while driving.

Things dog owners do while driving with their pets

Having a pet in the car with you can cause you to become distracted while you're driving. Some dog owners typically pet their dogs, use their hands and arms to restrict a playful dog's movements, feed their pet, and even take pictures of their dog while driving. However, keep in mind that even the simple act of patting your dog for reassurance or comfort may potentially cause a car accident. According to the National Highway Safety Administration, diversions that last more than 2 seconds can increase your risk of crashing. To protect yourself and your pet, follow these car safety tips for a safer journey with your dog.

Never allow your dog to hang his head out the window

Dogs love nothing more than to hang their head outside of a window during car trips, but the air quality can damage your pet's respiratory system, especially if it's chilly outside. You can roll down the window just enough so that your dog can smell the air, and use a restraining harness to help keep your dog from hanging his head out the window or moving around the car.

Let your dog ride in the backseat

There are lesser chances of getting distracted by your dog if he's in the backseat, so train him to stay there for the duration of your trip. Make your dog wear a safety harness to prevent him from going to the front seat or climbing on your lap while you're driving. You can also give him his favorite toy to keep him company in the backseat while you're on the road.

Never leave your pet inside your car

You would never leave a child inside a car on a hot day, so you shouldn't leave your dog alone in your car, no matter if you're just going to buy a drink in the convenience store. Dogs can die in hot cars, so if you're running errands, it's probably best to leave your pet at home.

Keeping your pet safe during car rides should be a priority as a responsible dog owner. By following these tips, you and your dog can have a safe and enjoyable car trip no matter where you go.

Photo by Andrew Pons on Unsplash

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