Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies

One of two distinct breeds known as “Corgis,” these low-to-the-ground pups are loveable and devoted. They are the oldest breed of herding dog, used by farmers to herd cattle. This breed’s body is often twice as long as its height, but it is agile and … Continue reading at

DNA breed testing can help answer the question “What’s my dog?”

They take blood, pack it up and send it away. Three weeks later, the answer is back. "Beagle, Chinese Sharpei, some Chow Chow, and some Pembroke Welsh Corgi," says Dr. Jim Moore, DVM with New Horizon Animal Hospital. Wright says she’s happy they found … Continue reading at

He’s Man’s Best Friend, But What Breed Is He? DNA Testing Has The Answer!

They take blood, pack it up and send it away. Three weeks later, the answer is back. “Beagle, Chinese Sharpei, some Chow Chow, and some Pembroke Welsh Corgi,” says Dr. Jim Moore, DVM. I’m happy they found no genetic predisposition to disease, and Chalupa’s …Corgi Continue reading at

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The mutts that make a mint selling make-up: Instagram’s star dogs are being paid up to ?100-an-hour to advertise big brands

They love being on TV and the attention.' Welsh corgi Marcel is so well-bred, he once appeared in the the Queen's Christmas broadcast and has his own stationery range. He's modelled with iLife, Ray-Ban and P&O Ferries. He lives in London with … Continue reading at

Ed Goldman: A mission statement that's changed

"We would like to come to your house to edge your lawn and replace your down spouts. We'd like to simonize your car and Martinize your wardrobe. We'll teach your Welsh Corgi to play the ukulele and we'll visit your aging relatives on your behalf. Continue reading at

Check Out The New German 'Cowboy Bebop' Anime Blu-ray Release & Dub

Along for the ride are the brilliant-but-weird hacker Ed and a super-genius Welsh Corgi named Ein. On their own, any one of them would be likely to get lost in the sprawl of space, but together, they're the most entertaining gang of bounty hunters in the … Continue reading at

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Medium Male Mastiff x Welsh Corgi

Handsome Huxley is an approx. 3 year old Corgi/Mastiff blend. Huxley is a happy boy with the cutest, stumpy little legs. He has found himself unwanted and unloved and is looking for a home with loving forever parents. Huxley gets along well with other dogs … Continue reading at

Doggy Cafe! A Corgi Lover’s Dream

Owls and cats are great of course, but let's talk dogs. I'd like you to meet the Welsh corgi. While everybody is entitled to their opinion, the Welsh corgi is objectively the best dog. Behold its stubby little legs and equally stubby tail. Derp faces … Continue reading at
Dog Training with the No BRAINER Dog TRAINER ~ We make it THAT Easy!: How to EASILY TRAIN Your Pembroke Welsh Cogri (Volume 1)
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Training with the No BRAINER Dog TRAINER (We Make it THAT Easy!) How to EASILY Train Your Pembroke Welsh Corg…

Pembroke Welsh Corgi PuppiesPop Doggie Pembroke Welsh Corgi Refrigerator Magnets with Funny Sayings (Set of 4)
Corgi refrigerator magnet gift set includes four different, funny Pembroke Welsh Corgi designs: I Rock the belly flop, life is sho…

Pembroke Welsh Corgi PuppiesPembroke Welsh Corgis. The Ultimate Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dog Manual. Pembroke Welsh Corgi care, costs, feeding, grooming, health and training.
The Ultimate Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dog Manual has the answers you need when researching this intelligent, energetic, working breed …

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Dog trainer from Greer wins 3rd place at Westminster Kennel Club Masters Obedience Championship

Sizemore has taught obedience classes for eight years at Dog Trainers Workshop in Fountain Inn and her experience includes a long line of competitive obedience dogs including Utility titles on a Dachshund and Welsh Corgi and an Open title on a Rottweiler. Continue reading at

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