Boston Terrier Puppy Training: How To Train Your New Dog

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There are many things that you will need to know about training. The first thing is that this particular breed of dog can pick up on things rather quickly due to their high intelligence. Another thing that you need to know is that they pick up on feelings and emotions just as fast, and any type of upheaval in their home will cause them a great deal of distress.

Shortly after bringing your new puppy home you will need to have them get familiar with people coming in. The Boston Terrier has the potential for being a very aggressive dog if you don’t teach them to be friendly from the get go. It is good to let them meet as many people as possible.

You should start training your puppy from early on. The key to training is consistency. These dogs learn best by picking up habits. When you are training them stick with the same thing over and over until they have developed the habit of doing what you are telling them to do.

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It’s a fact that you will get upset during the training process, but it is important that you keep your cool in order to get your Boston Terrier to listen to you. If you are upset then they will pick up on it and be that way too. Be patient with your new puppy and encourage them along the way. Your enthusiasm will quickly rub off and they will be learning new commands in a timely manner. Consider your puppy’s personality when choosing the method of training that you wish to go with. Some methods will work better than others depending on the dog. Research them thoroughly before deciding on one.

The crate method: This training is used for teaching your puppy to use the outside instead of the inside. You need to obtain a crate that is just big enough for your dog to be comfortable, but not large enough for the puppy to use the bathroom in the corner. Take them out both before and after the crate and eventually they will learn that they need to go outside. This method is a great way of teaching your puppy without using scare tactics which will not work.

Training your dog obedience: You will want your dog to obey your every command and the only way this is possible is by teaching them to be obedient. This training involves consistency and patience. You need to use the same constant commands and give your dog plenty of encouragement for doing what they are told. Treats can be given as reward and lots of love is required.

Behavior modification: Having a dog that jumps all over people or barks all of the time is miserable and can even be embarrassing at times. Behavior modification is the most effective Boston Terrier puppy training there is to control how your dog is acting. You can do this much similar to the obedience training including the treats and rewards.

Boston Terrier puppies are so adorable and training them can be easy as long as you are consistent and patient. You will have a well behaved puppy in no time at all.

Find out why providing the right boston terrier training is vital to enjoying a well behaved boston terrier for many years to come.

Boston Terrier

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