Getting Rid of the Need For Boston Terrier Rescues!

Getting Rid of the Need For Boston Terrier Rescues!

Whether you are someone who loves terriers or you simply have a love of dogs in general, you will find that there is little that is more heartbreaking when one of these dogs needs to be re-homed. The truth of the matter is that there are many different situations out there that could cause a completely blameless Boston to a new home. Perhaps its family can’t care for it anymore, or perhaps it was deemed that the dog was too troublesome. On the whole, this is a relatively healthy breed, but it does require care, attention and activity and some people are unable to provide for it. There are many abandoned Boston Terrier dogs out there of all ages, and it is important to think about how you might help the situation.

The first thing that people do wonder is whether a Boston terrier that is rescued should be bred. While many of these dogs are indeed purebred and may come with papers, it is definitely something that your rescue operation is going to discourage. With so many dogs looking to find homes, puppies, even ones with papers, will risk going without and may even end up back at the same rescue that their parents escaped. If you want the truth of this statement, just take a look at how many dogs in shelters and foster homes seem to have papers and pedigrees!

Boston Terrier

When you are thinking about going to a Boston terrier rescue, you will find that the majority of the dogs there are going to be male. There is an unfair perception of the males as being more stubborn and aggressive, while the females make better companions, but this is far from true. In most cases, Boston terriers are friendly and eager dogs regardless of sex. Do not let the matter of sex keep you from adopting a dog that might be perfect for you. While occasionally a puppy or even a litter will end up with a rescue, you will find that it is far more common to see animals that are between the ages of two and six. An adult dog is much calmer, so why not look into an older companion.

When you are thinking about adopting a Boston terrier, you should be ready for a fairly intense screening process. Many of the rescuers who have devoted their time and their efforts to rescuing a dog want to make sure that they are sending their animals to a forever home and with that in mind, there are some questions that you have to answer. You might be asked what kind of facilities that you have for the dog and you might need to have someone in to take a look around. Interestingly, the standards that hold for owners are usually far higher than those held by breeders!

Take some time and make sure that you consider adopting from a Boston terrier rescue. This is something that can make a huge difference to both the unwanted pet population and it can secure you a companion that you will love!

This article was written by Kelly Marshall of Oh My Dog Supplies – the online leader of dog steps for large dogs and other high quality dog supplies.

Boston Terrier

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