10 Tips for Better Pet Instagram Photos

Each of your dog's photos are an incredible work of art. However, like with any piece of art, it is always the smallest of details that make a difference. I have therefore outlined a beginner's guide on software, equipment, and editing techniques that will help your dog sine above all others. The truth is that he is destined for Instagram stardom.

1.    Equipment is Key

When choosing equipment, there are many camera lenses and bodies out there to select from. DSLR and mirrorless cameras are different and you can read all about the differences in detail at this amazing post on photographylife.com. I prefer mirrorless cameras since they are more compact and are almost as powerful as DSLR cameras.

2.     Different Types Of Software Is Capable Of Different Things In Terms of Editing

I prefer Adobe Photoshop CS5 for processing and editing all my photos and will use it to show some editing techniques contained in this list. Even if a photo is captured with great lighting and in perfect conditions, I always prefer working on and polishing any shots I capture.

You can download a trial of the newest version of , CS6 from the Adobe website. My Photoshop knowledge is completely self-taught. You will learn more the more you play around with the software. You will also find numerous articles, sites, and blogs on the Internet offering detailed Photoshop tutorials and techniques.

3.    Capturing The Attention of Your Dog

Call out the name of your dog, make sounds that he or she responds to, and talk to him or her to get them to look straight at the camera is that is your wish. You can even use dog treats. usually look at the treat. It is even better if you have an assistant. Have your assistant hold the treat where you would like your dog to look. Always remember to reward your dog for being such an amazing model. Here are some good tips.

4.    Make A Decision Regarding Appearance Of The Environment You Are Shooting In

You can easily change up the appearance of the background. If you prefer a backdrop, you can easily fashion one out of different types of fabric. Your bed sheet or even a piece of colorful cloth from your local craft store will be perfectly okay. Painted or even unpainted walls are also great backdrops that you can easily edit.

5.    Getting The Dog To Smile

One simple way to get your dog grinning is to tug on a tow with him or her or take your dog for a quick run. Have a quick 5-minute play session or have your dog chase you around the living room. Active are usually happy dogs and will most likely flash you a huge smile once they settle down. This is sure to get you seen on and get you lots of Instagram likes.

6.    Change The Perspective Of Your camera

Get down to your dog's level and capture pictures from different angles for more interesting shots. Capture the photos from in front, behind, below, or above. Employ your creativity to develop different photos each highlighting the parts of your dog that you love the most from different viewpoints.

7.    The Importance Of Shutter Speed

Everyone knows that dogs love around. Unfortunately, this makes it a challenge to capture that perfect shot. A faster shutter speed can help but faster shutter speed means that the lens will catch less light. You can balance this out based on the amount of natural lighting that you have available. Outdoor shots with fast shutter speeds make for amazing portraits but you are at a disadvantage indoors since light is low.

8.    Post-Processing Your Photos Makes A Difference

Here are some of the editing techniques that I regularly use on my photos. In most cases, I usually don't have sufficient or natural; lighting to capture amazing raw photos. Below is a photo of Champ the Australian Shepherd without any editing and another with editing.

9.    Change The Levels of Your Photos To Be More Natural

In the winter, it is easy for photos to be washed out or for the white balance to be off. The simplest way to do this is to choose “Auto” when you are varying the levels but it is possible to do it manually too. Use this for balancing out the dark and light areas of your photos to give them a more natural look as though you were physically present.

10.    Enhance The Contrast Or Brightness In Your Photos Using Curves

You can use contrast/brightness to do this but it works more naturally this way. A good rule to follow is to make a slight “S” using the curve tool. This makes the lighting appear more appealing to the eye and natural too.

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