Preparing For Boston Terrier Potty Training

Preparing For Boston Terrier Potty Training

Bringing home a puppy is always an exciting event. However the not so fun part is all the accident that your new arrival is bound to have. You should start right away for your sanity and the happiness of the whole family. There is a way to make this a fun thing. Terrier training should be the whole family’s responsibility. The family should decide together on a method and work together.

Boston Terrier

It may be easier to anticipate bowel and bladder movements if you approach Boston Terrier potty training the same way you would approach potty training a child. A puppy will need to go after eating, playing or napping. Use this as a rough guide as to when your puppy needs to be taken out or to the specific area meant for the dog’s bathroom. This is a rough guide and there will be times when you find your puppy has gone before you could take it outside.

The dog needs your discipline and encouragement, without consistency from you Boston Terrier training will go nowhere. Remember not to be harsh with your dog and keep in mind that this process will take time, months probably.

It’s not always easy to anticipate when a puppy needs to go. You can’t always be on the lookout for when it will need to be taken outside. The crate is a great tool for Boston Terrier potty training. If you make a cozy crate for your dog it will not want to mess up this area as it will think of it as it’s den.

Remember that Boston Terrier potty training takes time. A month is not enough for your Boston Terrier to be perfectly trained. If your puppy is only a few weeks old then it is still very young and it may be quite a while before it is properly trained.

Keep a lead with you so that you can quickly take your puppy outside and avoid accidents. You should also note the times that a puppy is most likely to need to go outside. This will help the process of Boston Terrier potty training a lot.

One of the things you can do to help with the training is to look out for the tell tale signs that a dog needs to go potty. If your puppy is squatting or seems to be sniffing around very diligently then it is about to go.

Be patient and keep an eye on your dog during the times it doesn’t seem to go.

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