A Quick Guide to Buying a New Dog Bed

american kennel clubThere are such a broad range and choice of dog beds on the market in 2017. To ensure you choose the right one for your pooch, here is a quick buying guide.

Beds for Small Breeds

Small breeds are the easiest and most fun types of breeds to buy a bed for. Being small in stature, this enables owners to choose from a whole range of dog beds from crates to baskets and tents to mattresses. This does not necessarily translate to mean that smaller dogs are happy to sleep just anywhere though, or in just anything.

One thing to be aware of when bed for a smaller breed is that smaller breeds are usually more sensitive to temperature changes and can tend to feel the cold. This is especially true of breeds such as Chihuahuas which have very short coats in combination with being a small breed – or any of the breeds featured in the I Heart Dogs website article: 10 Dog Breeds that are Sensitive to Cold Weather.

Consequently, if your dog is on the I Heart Dogs list or is particularly small, you might want to consider a dome or tent style bed with plenty of stuffing. This will add warmth and comfort for dogs with little body fat and / or fur. A roofed dog bed also benefits from providing smaller dogs with added security, which helps smaller breeds to feel safe and nod off soundly.

Beds for Medium Breeds

Medium dog breeds require from a dog bed several elements that make an ideal dog bed for a smaller breeds, including a walled bed and adequate padding, combined with the room larger dogs require to stretch out. Hence, roofed dog beds, unless a crate or kennel, are not ideal; medium dog breeds can overheat whilst sleeping in these during the warmer months. Then, a basket is often the best solution and provides the perfect balance of comfort, security and space.

Further, many medium dog breeds, such as huskies to give an example, are commonly misunderstood to be large dog breeds when in fact they fall well within the medium sized dog category. So, if you are unsure whether your dog falls within the category of being a medium dog, refer to the Dog Breeds List website Medium Dog Breeds Guide. Understanding the category in which your dog belongs will help you to find an appropriate bed for them to sleep in.

Beds for Large Breeds

Big dogs are amongst the trickiest to buy for when it comes to finding an appropriate and comfortable bed. The bigger the breed, the trickier the task gets.

Larger breeds of course require larger beds. As such, often the ideal bed type for a bigger dog is a hard wearing dog mattress. Crates, baskets and walled dog beds can force bigger breeds to have to curl up in order to fit their bed. This can prevent a dog from being able to stretch their limbs and force their joints and spine ito unnatural positions. In turn, this can cause aches, pain and even joint and bone issue in the long term. At the very least, it is likely to prevent your dog from getting a sound night's sleep.

Fortunately, a small number of UK dog bed providers recognise the difficulties big face. One such dog bed supplier is the aptly named Big Dog World who stock a broad range of dog beds to suit larger breeds of all types.

Dog Bedding and Accessories

Buying a dog bed needn't be a boring task. As proved by the likes of dog bedding experts, Pet Luxury, these days there is a wealth of out there that as well as making a bed more comfortable for your dog can also mean that your dog's bed and bedding is more fun to shop for and can be better incorporated into your home décor.

At the very least, it is advisable to invest in a dog mattress for use in crates and baskets and as well the addition of a fleece throw or blanket.

Fleece is a fantastically breathable material. Fleece also retains heat, is super easy to wash and quick drying. When not in use, a fleece throw can be easy stored. Meanwhile, come those nippy winter months or should your dog become poorly, a fleece throw can be spread over their bed to keep them warm and protect the mattress underneath.

    • Space considerations? The solution might be a corner dog bed (at foryourcorner.com)

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