* We are so excited to introduce our newest family member.. 8 week old Boston Puppy – MAVERICK WINSTON (Named by the kids)! Quick halt on the declutter and cleaning videos (those will continue soon) – We drove all the way to Mississippi to get him! He is the kids very first puppy, so he is super special and spoiled already! Do you and your family have a pet? We would love to hear in the comments below and let us know if you’d like to see more videos of “Mighty Mav!”

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Boston Terrier

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Boston Terrier

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Boston Terrier

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    • Peggy Bayer
    • March 7, 2017

    Maverick is adorable and I hope you show him off a lot! We have two Boston's Rupp who is 5 1/2 and Gunner who will be 3 later this month. My oldest daughter has three Boston's Minni, Moxxi and Hoss. My youngest daughter has 1 named Meryl Streep. I guess you can tell we love our Boston's. They are so intelligent and learn very quickly. Don't let anyone tell you that they don't know what you are saying. They do, they just have a stubborn streak. You are going to love him so much.

    • suejack101
    • March 7, 2017

    We have a Boston … they are so precious, stuborn & all. More vids of yours please. Enjoy!!!

    • Jessica Sanclemente
    • March 7, 2017

    What a great addition to your family!!!! He's adorable. I have a Boston named Max. They are a great family dog. I'm obsessed with buying anything that has a Boston image on it. Can't wait for more videos of the little guy.

    • ruby lu
    • March 7, 2017

    awww precious pup..he is going to miss his sibs..

    • Rosemarie Mello
    • March 7, 2017


    • Emma White
    • March 7, 2017

    I have watched a couple of your videos now…. New subscriber here from Sydney Australia.  Maverick is just adorable!

    • Paunie Is fresh
    • March 7, 2017

    Great personality
    Does not bark a lot
    Great with people and kids
    Has a nice black jacket
    Adorable at any age…

    • Nancy Pietrzykowski
    • March 7, 2017

    What beautiful,well-behaved children! I love how they are so excited

    • Life With Renae
    • March 7, 2017

    So precious! I know Maverick is so happy on his adventure with his new family. <3

    • pete3790249
    • March 7, 2017

    boston terriers are such loved dogs. we have a boy that's black n white and he is so sweet.

    • Kawii Potato
    • March 7, 2017

    On my channel I made a vid about my Boston terrier and he's the color breandal and he's only a few weeks old! Come check out the video!

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