What You Need To Know About The Boston Terrier Breed Standard

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Although the breed standard for the Boston is pretty strict on what they should look like, they are also strict on what the breed should act like. This attention to temperament has sadly been lacking in some other breed standards like the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Even pet quality Boston Terriers who would be laughed out of a show ring will not be offended, as they will be happy for the chance to make anyone smile.

Consequentially, not many Boston Terriers come anywhere near matching the breed standard and are cut from breeding programs or abandoned because of their imperfections. If you find a cute little black and white dog in your local shelter and wonder what breed he or she could be, a look at the Boston Terrier breed standard can help. Identifying a shelter dog's breed can help let you what you are getting yourself in for.

But the looks of a Boston Terrier is a winner, too. You might see a lot of solid colored Boston Terriers that are all black, all grey or all brindle. Or, perhaps their heads are all black. They are still purebred Boston Terriers, but they would be disqualified from the show ring. Only colored and white Boston Terriers, with a certain amount of white on the face as well as body, are allowed to show.

Boston Terriers look like they have docked tails, as they are very short. However, when you look at the breed standard, it says that docked tails are not allowed. This is one of the few breeds that naturally have tiny tails.

Sadly, other breeds like Rottweilers, Boxers, Dobermans and Pembroke Welsh Corgis have to have docked tails in order to show. Another fault is being too big – Boston Terriers are only supposed to be fifteen inches high at the shoulder and twenty-five pounds at the most.

Boston Terriers were bred purposefully to be companion animals. They are happy, trainable, lively and like to get along with others. The nickname for the breed is The American Gentleman.

Boston Terriers often have pointed ears that are proportional to the size of the head. Sometimes, you'll see a purebred Boston with huge bat-ears – that's not a show dog. They bounce when they walk, but they should not have a high-stepping walk like a Hackney horse or the incredibly slow shuffle of a Pekingese.

Although the dog might not match the physical description exactly, you'll know they have the temperament, which is the most important aspect of the Boston Terrier breed standard.

Wendy Caples is a passionate lover of the Boston Terrier and has a popular website that can show you how to have a happy, healthy and well behaved Boston Terrier. Among other topics at this website, you will find out more about Boston Terrier Breed Standards plus a whole lot more.

Boston Terrier

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“Boston Bully Breed” pitbull awareness documentary

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Boston Terrier

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    The problem is this breed attracts the wrong people.

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    • Bull and Dove
    • March 1, 2017

    Pit bulls and all other bully breeds are the best dogs on the planet

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    • March 1, 2017

    I love Pit bulls and my dog Herbie I sent the best with other dogs

    • Charlie And Lola
    • March 1, 2017

    German shepherds are not bully breeds dumbass

    • Charlie And Lola
    • March 1, 2017

    Pitbulls aren't really that big they are the size of my beagle

    • Charlie And Lola
    • March 1, 2017

    The big white dog with grope ears looks more like an Argentinan massif

    • Charlie And Lola
    • March 1, 2017

    This guys all wrong bully breeds are the American pitbull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, American bully, and the staffordshire bull terrier so stop saying that shepherds are bullies because that's a bunch of bullshit

    • tommy Twotone
    • March 1, 2017

    Pit bulls are the best dogs ever I've had pit in my family my whole life and never had a problem with them but we did have a golden retriever who bit three people he was crazy

    • tommy Twotone
    • March 1, 2017

    Any dog can be super aggressive it just people use these work dogs for the wrong work which gives them a bad rep we need more pit in the police they already do it in New York

    • aky19832001
    • March 1, 2017

    guess what any mitt can get a service dog sticker lmao. stats speak for them self pit bulls are the most dangerous and predictable dog. They're responsible for the most amount of deaths and attacks that are unprovoked. Don't believe me? look at stats. plain and simple

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    • March 1, 2017

    Look at the degenerates who own them . mostly lower iq, trailer trash or yuppies with tats allover thief bodies screaming out social justice.

    • aky19832001
    • March 1, 2017

    listening to that degenrate low class women who thinks her white pit bull wasn't breed for fighting??? it's almost to comical to hear. they bread to fight and kill other dogs

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    The dude saying some real words, when it comes to the small dogs barking at big dogs….

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