The President Of Finland’s Dog, Lennu, Is Melting Hearts Across The Globe

The President Of Finland’s Dog, Lennu, Is Melting Hearts Across The Globe

He is a and the proud first pup of Finland, local media reports. has been making headlines in the Northern European nation for some time. He’s even sat for interviews. But Lennu reached international fame this week after Daily Best … Continue reading at

Finland Has a Very Good Boy

On Wednesday February 22, it was brought to my attention that the of Finland keeps as his companion a Boston Terrier named Lennu. But as a journalist and arbiter of the truth, I couldn’t just accept the information at face value—I had to see … Continue reading at

GOOD BOY: The Internet is going wild for Finland’s First Dog

Meet Lennu. He is the five-year-old Boston Terrier, owned by Finland’s President Sauli Niinistö. Lennu accompanies the President almost everywhere, gaining attention last year with adorable dog antics at a holiday gift ceremony. Lennu’s fame has spread … Continue reading at

Boston Terrier

Adopt a pet

Randy, male Shar-Pei/Pit Bull, 3 years. Roscoe, male shepherd mix, 2 years. Chief Bogo, male bulldog/Boston terrier, 2 years. Cash Money, male Boston terrier mix, 1 year. Miles, male Labrador mix, 1 year. Major Lionheart and Bentley, male pit bull mixes … Continue reading at

6 best low-maintenance small dog breeds

Because of the tuxedo colouring of a Boston Terrier’s coat, these dogs are sometimes called “Little American Gentlemen”. But their gentlemanly charm extends beyond a (low-maintenance) short-hair coat. The Boston Terrier is both lively and loyal … Continue reading at

Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier

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