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The Boston (nicknamed “the American gentleman”) is a compact non-sporting breed that features a brindle, seal or black non-shedding coat with white markings, a square-shaped face, erect ears and a short tail. The breed can be traced back to the 1800s, and they were the first breed purely designed for non-sporting or show dog purposes in the United States.

A small number of their most distinct attributes are known to be their playful, gentle, intelligent and well-mannered disposition as well as their non-shedding coat – which have made the Boston Terrier one of the most popular breeds for families, apartment dwellers or allergy sufferers since the early 1900s.

The Boston Terrier is famous for their friendly, gentle and well-mannered character – which is what gives them their famous nickname “the American gentleman”. They are often reserved with unfamiliar people at first but quickly become friendly, which can mean they are unsuitable as a guard dog.

The Boston Terrier is also known to be quite intelligent – scoring equal 54th with the Akita compared to other dogs in terms of their capacity to be trained obedience commands. They are additionally renowned to be great with children – which makes them quite suitable as a family pet. The Boston Terrier is usually very well-matched with other dogs and pets once they are properly socialized.

Grooming the Boston Terrier is a fairly simple chore. They need only occasional brushing when necessary and full grooming every month or two.

The Boston Terrier doesn’t need a yard and is relatively inactive while inside the home, so they are highly suitable for life in an apartment so long as they are given enough exercise. They are sensitive to both hot and cold temperatures which means they need air conditioning while inside the home and extra protection when going outside in cooler weather.

The Boston Terrier gets pleasure from pursuits such as play sessions in the yard or indoor games of fetch. They have a moderate to high level of energy and need to be given exercise each day in the manner of long walks when it’s cool to preclude excessive weight gain.

The Boston Terrier can make the perfect breed of dog for active owners, apartment dwellers, allergy sufferers or families who have plenty of time for companionship. They are appropriate to anybody that is eager to do a small level of grooming and allow time to provide them with positive training and early socialization in addition to take them on long walks each day and provide a very high quantity of love and devotion. Though they could be fairly unsuitable as a guard dog, if you are capable of meeting their need for human interaction, sensitive care and a comfortable living environment then the Boston Terrier might make the perfect dog breed for you. is a blog published by dog lovers for dog lovers that offers information on a big variety of topics which include dog training, dog health plus guidance on dog breeds including information on Boston Terrier info.

Boston Terrier

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Boston Terrier

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