Thank God for little fat dogs

Thank God for little fat dogs

Thank God for little fat dogs

The family that I am a caregiver for has an adorable little Boston Terrier Chihuahua mix. He is my favorite porkey little puppy who needs a good walk as I do some days. Now that the weather has warmed up just above freezing I have offered to take him for a … Continue reading at


P.C. Zick -- Love on Trial Lawyers arguing a case on opposite sides disagree on most everything, except the love they both feel for their dogs, a Boston terrier and a Jack Russell terrier. Loneliness and their dogs bring them together in a surprising way … Continue reading at

Dog-Day Afternoon

Autumn Shoulders and her Boston terrier, Buttons, sled down a small hill Monday afternoon at North Elementary School in Elkins. Randolph County Schools were closed Monday because of snow- and -covered roadways. The weather forecast calls for a of … Continue reading at

Boston Terrier

Needs Adopted

Our best guess for breed is a Boston Terrier Mix. This little girl had been at the same location for at least a couple of days. She is very thin. She is a nice dog, easy to walk on a leash, ‘sits’ on command and not a big barker. She weighs 20 pounds. Continue reading at

England and Wales Say "I Do" to Gay Marriage

"It was a beautiful sunny day so we 'wed' in the garden under the pagoda. Our dads gave us away, along with our Boston Terrier, Pacino, who managed to get in on the act by slipping his lead and walking between us up the aisle, so it really was a … Continue reading at

Boston Terrier

Thank God for little fat dogsDuke the Boston Terrier Tote Bag
This tote bag is an ideal accessory for any pet lover! Featuring Duke, an adorable Boston Terrier, this bag is sure to …

Thank God for little fat dogsKenneth Case Stylish Boston Terrier Funny Pattern Double size Printing Unique Throw Pillows Square Concealed Zipper 18X 18 (Two Sides) by Kenneth case

Thank God for little fat dogsBoston Terrier Socks (size:adult 9-11)
Lightweight Stretch Cotton 90-94% Cotton, 3% Nylon, 3% Spandex Shrinkage is not an ! Each pair are made with high quality sof…

Boston Terrier

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