Best Practices For Taking Boston Terrier Pictures

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Wouldn’t it be great to have a picture of your adorable, loyal Boston on a tee shirt, a screensaver, a mouse pad or a coffee mug? By following a few simple tips for outstanding Boston , you’ll be able to take high quality photos of your dog with an inexpensive digital camera, a disposable 35 mm camera or even a camera phone.

We all know that taking pictures of a pet can be problematic. You have to get your Boston to sit still, pose and look into the camera. There are lighting and backdrop issues to deal with, and you need to be sure you’re shooting at your dog’s eye level. Here you’ll find all the tips and tricks you need to solve these problems and get you started taking fabulous pictures of your Boston Terrier. Your dog only has a certain amount of patience, so get everything prepared beforehand. Put a fresh high-capacity memory storage card in your digital camera, replace the batteries and carry fresh batteries with you.

Choose a setting for your pictures. For an indoor setting, make sure there is plenty of light shining on your Boston Terrier, and arrange any backdrops you will need so you can grab them quickly between shots. If you are taking pictures outdoors, secure the area for your Boston Terrier’s safety. A fenced back yard is a great location.

As soon as you pick up the camera, you have your hands full. You need to devote your attention to framing the shot and operating the camera, so ask someone to help you. Choose someone who gets along with your dog, and whom your dog likes. Taking pictures together can be a fun adventure for the three of you.

Serving refreshments for the people and the dog will help make the session more enjoyable. Take plenty of breaks to keep your dog from tiring out. Thank your assistant after the session is over by sending him or her one of the great Boston Terrier pictures you took with your assistant’s help.

Your choice of background can make or break your Boston Terrier pictures, so put plenty of thought into your backgrounds. Cloth backdrops should be matte, not shiny. You might want to use a chromatic green backdrop. With a chromatic green backdrop, your background disappears in digital images, and you can place your Boston Terrier into any backdrop you can find. You can add surf, turf or snow to your picture without every going to the beach, the park, or the mountain.

Toys and props not only add interest to your photos, they keep your dog engaged during the photo session. When you’re photographing a puppy, the objects will emphasize how small the puppy is and make him or her look even younger.

Don’t take Boston Terrier pictures while you are standing up. Get down to your dog’s eye level and then start taking pictures. Both your candid shots and the portrait style shots of your Boston Terrier will look better if the camera is at eye level with the dog. With these quick, easy tips, you’ll soon be taking professional quality pictures of your Boston Terrier.

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Boston Terrier


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