Boston Terrier: An American Gentleman

The Boston Terrier is a truly an American breed of dog. It is the result of cross breeding an English White Terrier and an Old English Bulldog, whose offspring was bred to a smaller female, and then to a French Bulldog. This breeding practice resulted in what is today’s Boston Terrier.

Boston Terrier require a lot of time and affection, they hate being alone. In fact interactive playtime is considered an exercise for them, they like it when you give them genuine interest. Long walks are sufficient for their exercise needs. They are however sensitive to extreme temperatures, so they should not be over exerted as they may overheat.

The other thing that’s great about Boston Terriers is that they only need long walks and interactive playtime, so you won’t need a lot of space for them to exercise. The downside is that since they are very friendly, they have the tendency to go off even with strangers. That is why it is a good idea to keep them in a safe and tenable environment.

Because they don’t need too much exercise, not having a yard and living in an apartment is suitable for this breed of dog. Boston Terrier should be fed with a dry kind of dog food to make sure that their teeth will be well maintained. They should also be fed twice daily, to provide them with ample nutrition.

If you are considering getting a Boston Terrier for a pet you must remember that they crave attention and companionship and needs interactive playtime. Also remember that because your Boston Terrier has short hair, he is very sensitive to extreme cold and heat.

Even though Boston Terriers were bred to become fighting dogs, they have been bred down for companionship. It is an incomparable companion because of its being highly intelligent, alert, kind, gentle and well-mannered. Boston Terriers on the other hand are difficult to housebreak, so it is very important to start training tem while they are still young. A Boston Terrier will make a fine addition to your family. If you are single, it will make for an excellent friend. They are very loyal. This breed loves to learn, so you can train them quite easily. They have a bit of a personality and can be a bit willful. The nice thing about Boston Terrier is that they only bark when necessary, so they are not very noisy.

If you love kids, then the Boston Terrier is the perfect pet for you. They are like babies that need time, care and constant interest. Boston Terrier is a little difficult to house break, so while its still a puppy train it, they have the tendency to be willful so it’s best to start early.

Boston Terriers have come a long way. It is now one of the top breeds that the American Kennel Club recognizes. So many families decide that this is the right dog for them because of its magnificent nature and uncanny intelligence. Even singles want this breed of dog because it makes for excellent company to cheer you up.

Wendy Caples is a passionate lover of the Boston Terrier and has a popular website where you’ll discover how to have a happy, healthy and well behaved Boston Terrier. Among other topics there, you will find out more about Boston Terrier Types plus a whole lot more.

Boston Terrier

* My boy, Elvis.
He is a true American and has fathered over 25 Boston puppies with his girl, Sassy (Sassafras)

Elvis the Boston Terrier on walk Elvis the Boston Terrier on walk

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Boston Terrier

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