Boston Terrier Video: Boston Terrier dog likes his belly tickled! Funny face ~ CUTE! (Original)

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Boston Terrier dog likes his belly tickled! Funny face ~ CUTE! (Original) Boston Terrier dog likes his belly tickled! Funny face ~ CUTE! (Original)

Boston Terrier

* Boston Terrier Naughty boy got into kids backpack when we left.

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Boston Terrier

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Boston Terrier

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    • ravin roque-perrymon
    • January 5, 2017

    but that face!!! I love it

    • Glynn Avaedae
    • January 5, 2017

    This is just sad and somewhat abusive. The dog is shivering and licking himself in fear. He's trying to cope with his high anxiety and stress that you created. Dogs don't know/feel guilt.

    • Ihsus Xristus
    • January 5, 2017

    Awwwwe! He can do no wrong, he's soooo cute!

    • cheezking cheezking
    • January 5, 2017

    My Boston Terriers always poops on the floor about 1-2 times everytime when we come back from somewhere

    • temy bernard
    • January 5, 2017


    • temy bernard
    • January 5, 2017

    it's better to but hin in a cage and when you get home let him out he must of gotten board i should know i have one his name is rocky .

    • Jan Carpenter
    • January 5, 2017

    Seriously…..think you could use some dog psychology classes. Your mean and only confusing the poor boy!

    • Billy Bob
    • January 4, 2017

    He prob whoop the dog after…. Dog shaking

    • Nick Trincia
    • January 4, 2017

    Dude doesn't know how to take care of a dog the right way. Dogs cannot associate what they did a minute ago let alone an hour ago. The dog is
    Clearly reacting to his owners tone of voice. He should only use that tone of voice if he caught him in the act. This is definitely abuse.

    • Ivy The Boston
    • January 4, 2017

    Something you just got to let yourself go..

    • Chris Caracostas
    • January 4, 2017

    It sounds like a duck!

    • Arien HSP
    • January 4, 2017

    This dog breaths like my grandfather LOL

    • Ashleigh Lefebvre
    • January 4, 2017

    Omg that is too funny mine does the same thing I think it's hilarious

    • Megan Chelette
    • January 4, 2017

    so cute

    • LeoArctica
    • January 4, 2017

    Makes want to get a Boston Terrier even more ^^ adorable little guys/gals ^^

    • I Love Dogs
    • January 4, 2017

    I wanna consider that shit by helping cover their my chihuahua

    • sseulkingo
    • January 4, 2017

    너무 귀여워ㅠㅠㅠ

    • Giuseppe Luciano
    • January 4, 2017

    By far my favorite video on the Internet, EVER!

    • Awesomebrostudios
    • January 4, 2017

    Props to americas cutest dogs, anyone?

    • noel996
    • January 4, 2017

    XD that's pretty cute.

    • January 4, 2017

    This is.. Just… So…. DERPY!

    • Hemuset
    • January 4, 2017


    • Tropical Petal
    • January 4, 2017

    um yeah those arent sounds of enjoyment that dog is growling it doesnt like it watch the ears

    • Peter Ian Staker
    • January 4, 2017


    • So Br
    • January 4, 2017

    я, когда меня трогают

    • MoosterDooster Bark
    • January 4, 2017

    This is me, in the morning.

    • Bekah Cassetty
    • January 4, 2017

    That's a full blooded Frenchie not a Boston

    • Eric Marc
    • January 4, 2017


    • Zetey a
    • January 4, 2017

    That dog has seen some shit…the eyes..,

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