Consider Designer Dog Bowls

So you just adopted your first puppy. You buy him a comfy bed, some fun chewy toys and a for when he’s stuck out in the backyard. The only thing left is finding him a set of dog bowls. But you have a stylish contemporary kitchen and an ordinary tin pair of bowls just won’t designer dog bowls.

Nowadays there are many options available. The industry is growing by leaps and bounds, as more and more people are wanting to splurge on their pets. So to keep up with the demand, companies are producing a lot more products for pets, this includes dog bowls and feeders. Some of the newer designer products out there right now are…

Luxury Dog Bowls:

These are often made of high quality construction, as well as materials, such as stone, acrylic, glass, and hand-carved wood. They usually cost a bit more than ordinary bowls but not only do you have a nice looking dish which you’ll be having to look at every day but it is surety last you a lot longer than cheaper, factory made versions.

Modern Dog Bowls:

This style is usually made of acrylic, though sometimes can be constructed of other materials. But the main quality of the modern is the unique and clean design.

Elevated Pet Feeders:

Elevated, or raised pet feeders are becoming much more common. The reason for this is people are becoming more aware, of and paying more attention to, not only their health but the health of their pets. When eat or drink they have to do so with their hear bend down, especially larger breeds. This is very bad positioning for their body and can lead to health issues over time.

Elevated feeders allow them to feed in a natural, healthy position.

Smart Pet Feeders:

Smart pet bowls and feeders are the result of the quickly growing technology field. Some of the options these new innovations have are feeding your dog, weighing the , to make sure your dog is being fed consistently the right amount, to prevent over or under feeding; alerting you of changes in their eating habits (which could indicate a possible health issue with your pet); and even ordering food for you when it starts to get low. This could be considered quite a luxury over necessity by many but it really comes in handy for those with busy lifestyle.

So when it comes time to buy a for your little guy, don’t settle for the boring tin dish, get him some designer dog bowls.

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