Did you know your dog attracts these pests?

We all love our dogs. They are such great companions, and are seen as equal members of the family. They keep us company and give us a sense of security that is immeasurable. But, our beloved pets can also be the main source to certain pest problems!

The presence of a dog in the house can unknowingly coax pests out, like rats and problems needing bed bug treatments, and cause a full-on infestation in our homes. However, we have some easy ways to help lower the risks of that happening.

What most pests are looking for when they come into your home is food, shelter, water… or all three. The best thing for you to do to control pests is to keep all of your pets' food contained securely, so no pest can get in it. Rats are very determined, and have a particular liking for dog food. So make sure you closely monitor and clean up all your pets' food, especially if you feed them outdoors or store their food in a shed.

Another way rats are attracted into your home is through your animals' faeces. Morsels of food that remain in waste can be enjoyed, so cleaning up regularly after your dog outside is a great way to reduce the risk of infestations.

Cats and dogs are great transporters of small pests. They can carry fleas, ticks, mites and even bed bugs in their hair or fur. Even if your home didn't have any of these pests in it, a pet can carry one in, and soon you have thousands. They can carry them around for days in their hair, so keep your pets clean. A keen eye and regular brushing can keep the creatures away, and rid fur of any unwanted bugs.

With the colder weather here, the threat of these pests finding their way into your home through your pets is a very common reality. Always keep your pets' flea and tick treatments up to date, with regular advice from your vet.

If you think your home is already infested, you need to call in the experts immediately. A small infestation can turn into something very serious, very quickly.

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