Winslow Pit Bulls That Killed Boston Terrier to be Euthanized

Pit Bulls That Killed Boston Terrier to be Euthanized

Two pit attacked a in in August – killing the dog and injuring its . A judge decided today on the state’s request to euthanize the dogs. “I am ordering that the defendants’ two pit bulls, Cole and Bentley, be … Continue reading at

Tips for Preparing for the Holidays, Part I

Serena enjoys a good cup of tea, little adventures and her Boston Terrier named Sammy. Continue reading at

At the Shelter

Jack is black with reddish brown legs and a white chest. Nora #66024 is a cute little Boston Terrier mix. She is about 4 months old. Nora is a brindle color and has some wire hair on her face. Dylan and Mason #66027 and 66028 are really cute pups. Continue reading at

Boston Terrier

Maine Judge Orders Pit Bulls Euthanized After Attack That Injured Woman, Killed Puppy

Carey suffered injuries to her hands that require surgery, and watched her Boston Terrier puppy, Fergie, die. “It was a nightmare,” said Carey. “It still is.” Prosecutors presented evidence that the pit bulls had attacked unprovoked before, … Continue reading at

This Wreath Is As Easy To Make As It Is Beautiful

Maxwell lives in Brooklyn, NY with his Boston terrier mix, Tucker. He likes museum-hopping, taking pictures, watching more TV than is probably healthy, and eating lots and lots of food. Continue reading at

Pit bulls involved in deadly dog attack to be euthanized

The dogs must be put down within 30 days, according to the judge’s ruling. The pit bulls escaped from their yard in and attacked and a Boston terrier that was being walked by its owner. In court on Monday, the terrier’s owner testified she … Continue reading at

Boston Terrier

Civil trial begins to decide fate of 2 pit bulls in attack

Sharron Carey, of Winslow, testified on Monday that she thought the two pit bulls would attack her after they finished ripping apart her 10-month old Boston terrier, Fergie Rose, in August. The state is seeking to have the two dogs put down. Danielle Jones … Continue reading at

Boston Terrier

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