How To Avoid Fake Boston Terrier Breeders

How To Avoid Fake Boston Terrier Breeders

The time has come to bring a into your family and you have decided that you want to deal with a Terrier breeder so that you know what you are getting. However, like any other industry, there are Boston Terrier out there that are trying to take advantage of unknowing owners. You want to make sure you a fake Boston Terrier breeder or else you may get an unhealthy pet that could rack up huge vet bills on you and cause you and your family to make difficult decisions.

One tell tale sign of whether or not a Terrier breeder is legitimate or not is if they offer you pet insurance on your Boston Terrier to extend to after the sale. Be sure you get this guarantee in writing as many dishonest Boston Terrier breeders will promise you insurance and then there will be nothing when you go to use it. Insurance companies give breeders free pet insurance to extend to six weeks after you have purchased your dog in the hopes you will be inspired to buy a pet insurance extension so it is no expense to a legitimate breeder.

Good breeders do not just disappear from your life as soon as the sale is over. Legitimate Terrier breeders are part of you and your dog’s life for a long time after the purchase because it is the breeder’s name on your dog’s papers and their reputation on the line along with the life of your pet. If you find it impossible to get a hold of your breeder after the purchase, or your breeder can offer you no assistance or advice after the purchase, then the chances are you are dealing with a dishonest breeder.

For first time Terrier owners the breeders are an invaluable resource in finding out the correct care and feeding instructions for your new pet. The legitimate breeders build their business based on their good reputation and it is important for them to be as helpful as possible. The good breeders will send home samples of food that should be fed to your new Boston Terrier so that you know what you are supposed to be feeding your dog. If your breeder is not offering any care or feeding instructions then you probably have a fake breeder.

As was mentioned earlier you and your Terrier breeder should always be in contact with each other throughout most of your dog’s life. If your Boston Terrier becomes ill, or if you find that you can no longer care and keep it, then a legitimate Boston Terrier breeder will offer to take the dog back.

You should always be able to stay in touch with a legitimate breeder and if you find that you cannot keep your pet later in its life then a good breeder will take the dog back, but without giving you a refund for your purchase price. At least you will know that the Boston Terrier will be taken care of. A fake breeder will not offer this service.

Unfortunately if you have purchased your Boston Terrier from a fake breeder then there is not much you can do beyond suing the breeder to get your money back. You are encouraged to report the breeder to the American Kennel Club or whatever breeder registry they are listed with but in all reality there is not a lot they can do to make your situation right.

Before you purchase a Boston Terrier from any breeder always check out the breeder with the American Kennel Club to make sure you are dealing with a legitimate business.

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Boston Terrier

* After playing for a little while, Buddy started doing his infamous “Hey guys, I can’t breath” thing, but I didn’t know if it was allergies or asthma, or both (this video shows a very mild fit). It is called reverse sneezing, and it is not life threatening, see link below for more info. The best thing to do is to cuddle your dog to help ease their anxiety while they clear out their respiratory system, many dogs respond well if you “hug” them by putting your hand on their chest with mild pressure & help calm them that way. You can also plug their nose with the palm of your hand which forces them to breathe through their mouth & also brings some anxiety relief. After trying that for a little while, they will usually get a grip and be ok. Be sure to reassure your dog that he or she is ok & it will decrease the length of their fit. More details on reverse sneezing here:

Boston Terrier “Asthma” / Respiratory Fit aka: Reverse Sneezing

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    • Psychokitty0889
    • November 30, 2016

    Both of my Bostons do this. I always immediately go to them cup their nose and love on them. It has never lasted more than a minute or two with the cupping of their nose and reassuring them with love and hugs. It still freaks me out though. I love my kids (aka my dogs lol) so anything abnormal tends to worry me.

    • Friskierocks
    • November 30, 2016

    So glad I found this! My mix has these and I sit by his side and blow through his nose to stop it. I had no idea if it was life-threatening (since we haven't been able to take him to the vet), so I've been trying to do some research. Thanks for posting this!

    • Bush Woman
    • November 30, 2016

    Someone what is this. My dog does this and it scares me. She will continue for 1-3 minutes or on.. Thanks

    • Mia Ward
    • November 30, 2016

    This is what my dog does and I have to rub his neck too do you need to take ur dog to the vets if he does this?

    • Nicki Edrington
    • November 30, 2016

    More detailed information on reverse sneezing here:

    • Gregory Page
    • November 30, 2016

    thanks I was freaking out!!!!!!!

    • Utkarsh Karan
    • November 30, 2016

    how this can be cured?

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