Natural ways to treat fleas that won’t harm your pet

Is your having a problem with fleas, but has trouble with harsh chemicals and flea treatments? Then these natural remedies may be the answer for you.

Make your own natural flea collar. It’s a great way to ward off fleas, and there is no need to keep reapplying. It will keep the fleas under control constantly. All you need is 3-5 drops of lavender oil mixed with some water and then apply it to your ’s collar. Reapplying this mixture to the collar once a week is a great deterrent for fleas.

Mixing some distilled vinegar or into your pet’s water, deters fleas and improves your pets skin and coat. You can even add a few drops to their bath. Do this in conjunction with regular brushing with a flea comb. Add lemon to the comb for extra protection that also repels fleas without being harmful to your or family. You can even infuse the citrus juice into a spray by boiling water and adding lemon slices. The solution can then be sprayed on your pets, carpets and any other part of the house where you suspect the fleas may be lurking.

The best method of preventing fleas is ensuring your home stays infestation free from the outset. Keep your carpets vacuumed on a regular basis to dispose of flea eggs, the main cause of fleas in the home. You can make your very own flea trap which enables you to clean the live fleas out of your house. Sprinkling sea salt into your carpet and leaving for 1-2 days will dehydrate fleas and dry out their bodies, then vacuum up the salt.

As great as the natural method of treating fleas is, it doesn’t always work. If you’re suffering from a severe flea infestation then chemicals will have to be used. The best route to take is to talk to a local pest controller to see how you can keep your pets safe through the treatment of your home, and always ask your vet’s advice before applying chemicals to your pet’s skin and coat.


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