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The Terrier is a pure breed that was developed in the United States. In 1870, a breeder named Robert C. Hopper of Boston bought an Old English Bulldog and English White Terrier mix. He bred this dog with a small dog and bred their puppies with even smaller French Bulldogs. This became the basis for the Boston Terrier as we now know it. The name Terrier is actually a misnomer. Boston Terriers have very little Terrier in their ancestry and are more closely related to Bulldogs.

A man by the name of Robert C. Hopper bred the first Boston Terrier (then referred to as a Bull Terrier which Bull Terrier were quite unhappy with). He bred subsequent litters with various Bulldog mixes such as the French Bulldog to make this breed a small-sized, non-aggressive companion dog.

The Boston Terrier is also referred to as the American Gentleman due to the tuxedo-like markings on its coat. Boston Terriers may be black with white, brindle with white, brown with white or a red-black color called seal with white. Their coats are uniformly white on the muzzle, between the eyes, on a band around the neck, on the chest and halfway up the forelegs. This color pattern make the Boston Terrier appear to be wearing a white collar, shirt, and cuffs with a black suit jacket and coat tails.

Besides being sturdy and dapper in appearance, the Boston Terrier is very intelligent and amusing. Boston Terrier breeders provide a solid foundation of discipline and training for dog buyers to build upon. Some owners say that their Boston Terriers can do thirty or more tricks, some as intricate as riding a skateboard!

Like all pure dog breeds, Boston Terriers suffer common genetic problems. Good Boston Terrier breeders will educate potential buyers about health conditions such as cataracts, deafness, allergies, curvature of the spine and difficulties during whelping. Due to their French Bulldog and pug ancestry, this breed has a short snout and may have respiratory difficulties such as sneeze, snoring and an inability to regulate body temperature.

The first question a potential Boston Terrier buyer needs to ask himself is why he wants a Boston Terrier. Though not the most difficult breed to raise, Boston Terriers require constant care and affection. Grooming and exercise are low maintenance, but initial training and discipline of a Boston Terrier puppy requires intense work.

Buyers should thoroughly research the breed to make sure they can meet its needs. Once buyers have found that this is the breed they are looking for, they can begin researching Boston Terrier breeders.

A good place to start is the Internet. The American Kennel Club and Boston Terrier Club provide links to area breeders on their websites. Buyers may also ask for references from local breeders or animal . Boston Terriers should never be purchased from online breeders that offer next day pets or overnight shipping. Puppies are not merchandise. A well-socialized, healthy, pedigreed Boston Terrier can only be purchased from a reputable and loving Boston Terrier breeder.

About the author: Wendy Caples is a passionate lover of the Boston Terrier and has a popular website where you’ll discover how to have a happy, healthy and well behaved Boston Terrier. Among other topics there, you can also learn all about Boston Terrier Breeder Locations plus a whole lot more.

Boston Terrier

* Here our litters at about 4 weeks old. Really having fun now!

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Boston Terrier

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    Debra Estell do you have any puppies left for sale. I want a female and would be glad to be a part of a spay contract. I could not get a good look at the puppies as you numbered them some were back shots and others were front shots when you numbered them, please let me know if there are any left.I have had a hard time finding reputable breeders who had puppies available. I want AKC pups and would like to see the certificate of the Sir and Dam as well to be able to see them. I would be interested in looking over your facility. I am interested in the amount you are looking for. Please contact me and fill me in. Thank you, hope to hear from you soon. Question Boston Terrier's have short tails and docking them is not necessary is this correct ?

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